Astera Software Launches New Turnkey Data Warehousing Service to Enable Faster Insight Extraction

Astera Software launches a new turnkey data warehousing service allowing businesses to get access to a custom-built data warehouse.

Leading data management and warehousing solution provider, Astera Software, launches a new turnkey data warehousing service allowing businesses to get access to a custom-built data warehouse to enhance their data analytics architecture.

Speaking about the challenges of data warehousing, Astera’s CEO, Ibrahim Surani, said:
“Organizations in fast-paced business landscapes expect greater agility and responsiveness from their data warehouse to fuel their BI and analytics needs. But building such a data warehouse is generally an extensive project. Even with agile teams, it can take months, if not years, to be fully functional and ready for querying and reporting.”

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Organizations in fast-paced environments expect greater responsiveness from their data warehouse to fuel their BI needs. But building such a data warehouse can take months to be ready for reporting.”— Ibrahim Surani

Astera’s new turnkey data warehousing service is being launched to solve just that by enabling business users to extract insights more effectively without worrying about the technical aspect of building and maintaining a data warehouse. With this service, organizations will be able to reduce their data warehouse development and implementation time from months to just a few weeks and leverage point-and-click capabilities to connect to business intelligence tools for improved data visualization.

The Process
Businesses today require a data infrastructure that will support massive volumes of data in near real-time. However, since every business is different, Astera’s product engineers will first understand the unique requirements of your organization to ensure that you are provided with a custom-built data warehouse that’s exactly as per the needs of your business.

Once the requirements have been gathered, Astera’s development team will work on creating data models that fully encapsulate your business processes, establishing proper relationships between the various entities that make up your business.

Since the data warehouse will be built on the metadata-driven approach, Astera’s solution experts will also account for any data prone to changes by adding effective dates and current record designators to ensure that your analytics are always based on data that is accurate and updated.

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Maintaining historical records of data using slowly changing dimensions will also allow users to make accurate predictions about sales and other business processes and give them the ability to make data-driven decisions to pivot their strategies if required.

Astera’s Turnkey Data Warehousing Service: What’s in Store
Understanding the need for organizational agility and flexibility, Astera’s team will provide organizations with a data warehouse that features drag-and-drop functionality to make data integration and connecting to business intelligence tools a breeze. By automating the entire process from gathering requirements to analyzing data, Astera’s turnkey data warehousing solution removes the need for manual extraction, transformation, or loading of data, making the entire process seamless.

The data warehouse also supports incremental loading options to prevent issues caused by redundant data and ensures that resources are not choked due to high loads. This way, organizations will be left with a central repository that’s always up-to-date with accurate data without any inconsistencies between source and destination.
Contact Astera Software today for more information on how Astera’s turnkey data warehousing service can simplify and speed up your enterprise data warehousing project.

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