ionir Awarded Patent for Data Container Synchronization

Kubernetes Container-Native Storage Company Eliminates Data Gravity

ionir announced today the approval of a U.S. patent for its system of synchronizing data containers and improving data mobility. This patent underscores ionir’s efforts to help organizations achieve data agility and optimize their enterprise implementations of Kubernetes.

As Kubernetes adoption increases, one barrier remains: data cannot be moved quickly. Unlike apps, transporting data across clusters, clouds, and geographies can take hours or days. Kubernetes promises enterprises the freedom to run apps wherever makes the most sense, coupled with reduced operational complexity, and lower costs. However, left unresolved, data gravity threatens the entire Kubernetes value proposition.

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The issued patent describes ionir’s technology and approach to overcome data gravity, allowing application data to move with the ease of applications. Data mobility ensures the application can start working immediately at the new location.

With ionir, full volumes – regardless of size or amount of data – are transported across clouds or across the world in less than 40 seconds. Organizations gain an agility advantage over their competitors by enabling them to make decisions faster, innovate quicker and operate more effectively. The company owns ten issued patents in this field and has submitted applications for many more.

Mike Wall, CEOionir, said: “Today’s announcement reinforces the groundbreaking innovation underlying ionir’s Kubernetes Native Data Services platform, and ensures our customers gain resilience, agility and efficiency for their Kubernetes apps and data. We will continue to invest in bringing innovation to the Kubernetes market, allowing customers to optimize their IT investments while maximizing effectiveness.”

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