Actifile Announces a Sizable Investment Round Led by Amotz Yarden to Accelerate the Company Growth in the US

Actifile, the next generation automatic data security platform for SMEs, today announced the completion of an investment round by a seasoned group of private Israeli and US-based investors, led by Amotz Yarden, ex co-founder and CEO of SintecMedia. SMEs have traditionally been underserved when it comes to cybersecurity, as most products are built with enterprises in mind, requiring high TCO and huge IT teams. Actifile automated approach, enables organizations to encrypt and protect their data with a click of a button. As a result, every SME IT department or their MSP partner can easily overcome the challenges of using Cloud SaaS apps, Shadow IT, and working from home.

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“Our vision is to enable every SME to fully protect its sensitive and private data from ransomware and insider threats, and to comply with all privacy regulations,” said Guy Bavly, Actifile’s CEO. “We believe that “automatic encryption” is the future of data security as it denies the attacker from reaching valuable data. With our easy-to-use, all-in-one platform, we reduce data-related events’ impact, without changing any of the organizational business processes. Our customers, who do not have the means to assess and reduce their data risk, can now sleep better at night knowing that their sensitive data is protected at all times”

Actifile Cloud platform scans sensitive data leveraging smart patterns, quantifies data risk in dollar value amount, monitors and audits data risk in real-time, tracks incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows from the perimeter-less organization, and then protects sensitive data with automatic, transparent encryption (Patent allowed), across endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals and shadow IT.

Actifile solution not only preemptively protects sensitive private data, but also transitions the data to a Safe Harbor, and helps SMEs to comply with all state, federal, and global data privacy regulations.

With the successful completion of the current investment round, and based on the fruitful collaboration with hundreds of US-based MSSPs and their customers, Actifile now aims to further expand its sales and marketing team, and evolve the product with enhanced cloud data scanning and encryption, improved ML-based data monitoring, and flexible sharing of protected data.

“Ransomware and the use of Shadows IT and 3rd party SaaS apps, had rapidly become one of the top cybersecurity nightmares as cases are becoming more and more frequent and common,” said Amotz Yarden. “For most SMEs, structured prevention, preparation, response, and recovery strategies are out of their skillset and execution capabilities. Actifile delivers high value with a seamless and automatic solution, which eliminates most ransomware and data leakage damages, that analysts expect to exceed $100B in the coming years”.

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