Data Privacy Problem on the Web Solved by Free Software Product

New patent-pending software product released that protects user data on web applications

AxcessD, a Boston area technology company has released patent-pending software that protects user data on Social Media, Email and other Web Platforms. The product, called AxcessD, is believed to be the first product that allows users to control exactly who can access their data on web applications like Facebook, Gmail, and Slack.

AxcessD provides end to end privacy – data is protected directly on the user device before it is sent into the web application. It remains protected until it reaches the intended recipient. This is in contrast to the operation of mainstream web applications, where user data in the application database is accessible by the application itself and to 3rd parties via an API. By keeping user data private and limiting access to it, AxcessD helps reduce unwanted activity such as targeted advertising, identity theft, disclosure of proprietary data via data breaches, data collection and indexing, and other forms of Cybercrime.

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Norm Bagley, AxcessD Engineering Manager, states: “AxcessD allows users to take back control of their data by keeping it private and letting the user decide exactly who can see it. User data is also electronically signed and authenticated, insuring it is not altered, corrupted, or taken out of context.”

AxcessD is currently supported on Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

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