Dataguise Expands Data Privacy Protection and GDPR Compliance Platform for Secure Business Analytics

Company to Demonstrate New Product Suite at Teradata Analytics Universe 2018

Dataguise, a leader in data privacy protection and compliance, announced its enhanced GDPR solution suite for DgSecure, featuring support for important DBMS applications, new privacy data count reporting, and dashboard upgrades for global GDPR oversight. These and other new capabilities support a wide range of data-centric applications including the need for secure data analytics. The enhanced solution is being formally introduced at the Teradata Analytics Universe 2018 conference this week in Las Vegas.

The Teradata Partners Conference is held annually and brings together business and technology leaders to learn and share the latest strategies and tactics for optimizing data warehouse environments. At the event, Dataguise will introduce and demonstrate its next-generation data privacy protection and compliance suite, showcasing best practices for strengthening GDPR compliance initiatives within mission-critical data infrastructure — on-premises and in cloud infrastructure.

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Enterprises globally are focused on strengthening data privacy and compliance frameworks as ongoing concerns related to sensitive customer information and new regulations impact business processes, especially business analytics and intelligence operations. With deployments across the Global 2000, Dataguise is increasing efforts in this area and today announced the general availability of the following new features:

  • Expanded GDPR platform support for additional DBMSs and streamlined flow of Right of Access (RoA) and Right to Erasure (RtE) across data platforms;
  • Unique and Total Counts of sensitive information detected – for use in GDPR Breach Reporting;
  • New GDPR view within the DgSecure dashboard;
  • Enhanced isolation for multiple groups using the product within multi-tenant environments;
  • New built-in scheduler for GDPR compliance related procedures;
  • Alert monitoring in Syslog format for system information and event management (SIEM) integration;
  • Embeddable “DgCore” library with core DgSecure functionality, and
  • Detection of sensitive data for SAS/SPD environments.

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The financial services industry is especially susceptible to data privacy regulations because of the potential for exposure throughout these distributed multi-national organizations. Dataguise compliance experts will review the approaches that enterprise brands are using to ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA and others using cloud-based data governance and data privacy solutions to protect all data repositories, including AWS. Capabilities of the DgSecure solutions suite will be explored as requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) of 2018 call for more comprehensive detection, protection, monitoring and auditing of processes.

“The importance of securing sensitive data throughout the enterprise is a fundamental part of information management as organizations subject to the GDPR and other regulations must prioritize their efforts in these areas,” said Jay Irwin, Director of the Teradata Center for Enterprise Security. “We expect the enhanced GDPR compliance suite to be well-received by Teradata customers.”

“Recognized by industry analysts globally as a leader in data privacy protection and GDPR compliance, we are excited to usher in these important new capabilities,” said JT Sison, VP, marketing and business development, Dataguise. “The new GDPR solution suite is designed to ensure organizations remain in good standing with this and many other regulations while driving the greatest value possible from business analytics and other processes.”

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