Futurism Launches ‘Zero Trust Managed Security Acceleration Services’


Stay ahead of the threats with our Zero Trust architecture.

Futurism Technologies, a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner, rolls out ‘Zero-Trust Managed Security Acceleration Services’ powered by best-of-breed IBM Security Solutions viz. IBM QRadar, IBM Maas360, IBM Verify and IBM Guardium Data Protection, all integrated with IBM Watson – the AI for smarter business.   

Zero Trust is a conceptual and architectural framework for moving security from a network-oriented, perimeter-based security model to one based on continuous verification of trust.

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Traditional incident response approaches leave security and IT teams overwhelmed and perplexed when it comes to thwarting coming-of-age attacks. Our Zero-Trust Security approach helps to eliminate attacks before they take place. Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services offer a novel security approach that can effectively adapt to the complexities of a modern security infrastructure, embrace hybrid workplace environment and protect people, apps, devices and data wherever it goes or stays, said Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies.

With scores of successful deployments and customers across the entire cybersecurity landscape, we are a trusted name for managed security services. We know that security is never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept and our comprehensive security portfolio validates our commitment to continuous Zero-Trust security, added Mr. Sheetal Pansare

As a leading IBM Global Security Solutions Partner, Futurism aims to extend the Zero-Trust security model developed by IBM to help enterprises accelerate their journey towards Zero-Trust maturity. With Zero-Trust expertise, Futurism intends to simplify risk management by eliminating implicit trust. No matter the user, situation, user location, and access method, security takes center stage with the most tested, proven and extreme cybersecurity checks.

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Developed using the IBM Zero Trust Framework, Futurism brings a powerful portfolio of Managed Security Acceleration Services: 

  • Futurism Eagle Eye: Advanced threat protection (SIEM service) powered by IBM QRadar with Watson
  • Futurism EndPoint Secure: Managed endpoint security and MDM service powered by IBM MaaS360 with Watson
  • Futurism Secure-Access: Managed identity & access management services powered by IBM Verify with Watson
  • Futurism Data-Protect Services: Managed database security services powered by IBM Guardium Data Protection with Watson

Futurism aims to help businesses ramp up their Zero-Trust journey by defining a multi-disciplinary and well-integrated Zero-Trust strategy. Our certified cybersecurity experts can help businesses verify that resources, data and users are securely connected through a powerful deny-by-default authorization and policy,” concluded Mr. Sheetal Pansare.

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