Killi Allows Consumers to Reclaim Facebook Data

Killi enables consumers to determine if they were part of the 533m Facebook data breach in April and place this data back under their control

Killi Ltd., a supplier of compliant consumer data, introduces Facebook Unveil, a complimentary service to allow consumers to determine if their data was part of Facebooks 533 million data breach in April, view the data that was exposed, and put this data back under their control should they choose.

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This new offering from Killi builds on a previous announcement on April 6, 2021, where the Company enabled 320 million consumers in the USA to view data being collected by data brokers. The addition of Facebook data will increase the overall awareness of the Killi ecosystem amongst consumers internationally while providing them with an additional source from which to query and reclaim their data.

“The recent Facebook hack exposed the personal information of over 500 million users. As these hacks are part of the new world we live in, we felt that there was no recourse for consumers, so we developed Facebook Unveil,” said Neil Sweeney, CEO, and Founder of Killi. “When learning of this hack, we wanted to create an environment where consumers could come to Killi, add an identifier such as email or a mobile phone number, validate their ID, and then query and highlight the Facebook data circulating online.

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Now with Killi, consumers have transparency, which we believe is a valuable public service since governments, privacy advocates, and consumers worldwide are concerned about this data leak and future data breaches. Facebook Unveil was a natural extension for us as it is similar to the service Killi provided in April that revealed consumer data circulating amongst data brokers. This new iteration of our product furthers our mission of becoming the platform that allows all consumers to view and reclaim their data, data that has historically been inaccessible to them.”

Facebook Unveil is a complimentary service; consumers do not have to be part of the Killi ecosystem to participate and are only required to enter a phone number or email to confirm their identity and see only their data.