MarketStar and DataGrail Partner to Provide Privacy as a Service

Personal data privacy startup, DataGrail and MarketStar, the leader in Sales as a Service solutions, announced their partnership. The two firms provide a complimentary offering, integrating DataGrail’s Privacy as a Service platform with MarketStar’s exemplary track record of providing augmented sales solutions for large technology companies. The collaboration represents a strong commitment to personal data privacy for both companies, and an important step in scaling the DataGrail platform.

“MarketStar is an industry leader and trusted sales organization, and we’re proud to work with the MarketStar team and their customers,” said DataGrail CEO Daniel Barber. “We’re particularly excited to increase transparency for MarketStar’s customers across our shared community.”

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MarketStar has helped businesses accelerate revenue and build their customer base for over 30 years. DataGrail, a California startup, was built with the vision of solving the data privacy challenges faced by every business. The partnership has been formed to build and ensure trust along the buyer journey, and DataGrail will also help MarketStar customers comply with online privacy regulations across the EU, California and around the world.

“Reinforcing the trust of our clients and our clients’ customers is so important to us, and a hallmark of what we do,” said Paul Grant, CRO for MarketStar. “We are passionate about the brands we represent, and this partnership with DataGrail helps ensure a high level of trust, and solves the complex privacy and security compliance challenges they face every day.”

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DataGrail integrates with over 50 third-party systems to build trust and provide data transparency for MarketStar customers. MarketStar customers are able to benefit from the DataGrail partnership effective immediately.

DataGrail sets a new standard for privacy and transparency. DataGrail makes it easy for anyone to see exactly what data a company has about them, and how their data is being used across the organization. Modern businesses leverage DataGrail to provide trust for their customers in an ever-changing privacy landscape. DataGrail is based inSan Mateo, California and was founded in 2018 by Daniel BarberIgnacio Zendejas and Earl Hathaway. They recently raised a $4M+ Classic Series A.

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