McAfee Unveils McAfee+, A New Product Line with Privacy and Identity Protections to Help Users Secure Their Personal Data

All-new features include identity restoration, lost wallet assistance and Chrome OS support.

McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, announced the launch of McAfee+ a new product line encompassing all new privacy and identity protections that enable users to confidently and securely live life online. Now available in Canada, the new McAfee+ product suite allows users access to identity restoration, as well as the ability to secure all their devices with award-winning protection against threats and viruses.

As part of the new product line announcement, McAfee introduced protection for Chromebooks – making it the first leading security provider to fully support Chrome OS. Chrome OS users can now install and access McAfee capabilities on their Chromebooks including antivirus, VPN, safe browsing, and identity monitoring. With almost 30 million Chromebooks expected to ship globally by the end of 20221, this launch extends online protection to the millions of new and existing Chromebook users, including 50 million2 school-age children and educators.

According to McAfee’s 2022 Consumer Research, more than 80% of consumers in Canada are concerned that their identity is stolen from an online transaction, 79% are concerned that their financial information is compromised, and 76% are concerned that their information ends up on the dark web. Created to address growing consumer privacy and identity theft concerns and deliver comprehensive support and peace of mind, McAfee+ is available in Canada starting at CA $129.99/ first year.

McAfee+ was purpose-built to provide online protection that includes proactive monitoring of the dark web for personal information, and the integration of McAfee’s acclaimed antivirus products and Secure VPN.

“As the internet has become an increasing part of consumers’ daily lives there is growing concern about the amount of personal data that is accessible to bad actors and a lack of understanding about how to secure personal information,” said Gagan Singh, Executive Vice President, Chief Product & Revenue Officer, McAfee. “McAfee+ is designed to deliver against those trends and threats, by helping users be more protected against identity breaches and supporting users with professional assistance if their identity is stolen.”

“McAfee is in the business of protecting people, not just devices,” said Greg Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, McAfee. “McAfee+ reflects that spirit by offering a simple, effortless way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your data. We are proud to introduce it to our product line-up so that more people can confidently experience life online.”

McAfee+ Plans and Features
There are two McAfee+ plans available within the new product suite: Premium and Advanced, each with individual and family options.

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McAfee+ Advanced includes:

  • Unlimited Secure VPN automatically connects to public Wi-Fi to protect online privacy and safeguard personal data while online banking, shopping, or browsing
  • Licensed Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to provide guidance on necessary actions to repair identity and credit issues
  • Lost Wallet Support with IDs, credit and debit card cancellation and replacement should a customer lose their purse or wallet
  • Identity Monitoring for up to 60 unique pieces of personal information on the dark web with timely alerts up to 10 months sooner than similar services
  • Password Manager secures accounts by generating and storing complex passwords and auto-filling information for faster logins across devices
  • Protection Score is an exclusive feature to McAfee, providing a holistic view of security strength through a rating of the customer’s current protection level and guidance to improve
  • Unlimited* Device Security to protect all the customer’s personal devices and the information on them from the latest threats with award-winning antivirus for operating systems including Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Chrome OS Support enables users to install and access McAfee capabilities on their Chromebooks such as antivirus, VPN, identity theft protection and more. McAfee is the first leading security provider to fully support Chrome OS
  • Parental Controls are included in McAfee+ family plans which help parents protect their kids from inappropriate online behavior, apps, and content, manage screen time, get location-based alerts, and help them build good digital habits
  • Additional Features:
    • Award-winning antivirus to protect all the customer’s personal devices and the information on them from the latest threats
    • Web Protection to browse freely and safely avoiding risky downloads and websites
    • Firewall safeguards devices by blocking malicious traffic from gaining access to a home network
    • File Shredder for PC users prevents sensitive files from getting into the wrong hands by deleting them completely
    • Security Experts and Online Support with Virus Protection Pledge

McAfee+ Premium includes:

  • Unlimited Secure VPN
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Password Manager
  • Web Protection
  • Unlimited* Device Security including Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Award-winning antivirus
  • Firewall
  • File Shredder
  • Parental Controls are included in McAfee+ Premium Family
  • Protection Score
  • Security Experts and Online Support with Virus Protection Pledge

McAfee+ will be available to purchase online as individual and family plans at beginning today in Canada. Product features and availability may vary across markets. Availability in additional markets to be announced in the months ahead.


  • McAfee+ Premium: $129.99/individual, $149.99/family
  • McAfee+ Advanced: $179.95/individual, $199.99/family

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