OneTrust Launches Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation

Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation Simplifies Questionnaire & RFx Completion Using Natural Language Processing powered OneTrust Athena AI

OneTrust launched the OneTrust Vendorpedia™ Questionnaire Response Automation™ solution to help organizations automatically answer incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires from their customers. The Questionnaire Response Automation technology works for any questionnaire – regardless of industry standard or framework – as well as one-off, custom questionnaires.

Organizations are increasingly responding to incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires from their customers. This process can be time consuming and cumbersome to answer hundreds of questions for separate vendors, questionnaires, and requests. OneTrust Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation offers a single dashboard to automatically answer any assessment, store answers and evidence, collaborate on incoming questionnaires, and securely share security documentation, such as certifications or audit reports. The technology uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and OneTrust Athena™ AI to match your responses to the most relevant questions within a questionnaire, and with Machine Learning (ML), it gets smarter over time.

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With OneTrust Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation, organizations can: 

  • Automatically answer any incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires
  • Manage all incoming requests for information in a single dashboard
  • Build an answer library and evidence/documentation repository
  • Securely share completed questionnaires, evidence, and documentation
  • Collaborate internally and with requesting organizations to streamline due diligence
  • Create a Vendor Trust Profile™ to share security details with customers proactively

“We commend OneTrust in the creation of Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation with the inclusion of Shared Assessments’ Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire,” said David Perez, Shared Assessments Program CEO. “Combining standards with technology to perform assessments more efficiently will help our members and their vendors complete SIG questionnaires faster while building trusted third-party relationships. This is a significant step toward making vendor risk assessments easier at a time when standardization is essential to a successful third-party risk management strategy.”

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“Responding to incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires is time-consuming and repetitive. Our Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation free version solves these challenges with an automated process that improves response time and reduces repetitive work,” said Blake Brannon, OneTrust CTO. “With Questionnaire Response Automation, organizations can automate questionnaire completion. Powered by OneTrust Athena™ AI, the platform gets smarter over time, learning your preferences and improving response accuracy.”

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