PrizeLogic, the leading incentivized engagement company whose clients include PepsiCo, Molson Coors, Lowe’s and Samsung, today announced the selection of Cloudflare to provide its industry leading bot management solutions for enhanced protection against undesirable and malicious Internet bot traffic.

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PrizeLogic’s continued commitment to cybersecurity and digital trust is demonstrated through its engagement with top-of-the-line security providers such as Cloudflare. With Cloudflare, PrizeLogic can detect bot activity, discerning between desirable and undesirable bot behavior, and identifying the sources of the undesirable activity.

“This is one of many investments PrizeLogic is making to bolster security controls,” said Ryan LaMirand, CEO of PrizeLogic. “In addition to PrizeLogic’s proprietary fraud management services, ISO27001, ISO27701 and SOC1 Type 1 certification, we are excited for our new investment in integrated bot detection and mitigation. This further protects every great consumer engagement powered by PrizeLogic from fraudulent traffic.”

Cloudflare is an innovative and leading provider of bot management, as part of its security, performance, and reliability solutions for Internet properties that power websites, remote teams, apps, APIs, and on. The company’s bot management platform supports a diverse range of solution areas, including global threat intelligence, multiple detection engines, security and performance products integration, quick mitigation, rich analytics, and feedback loops.

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Cloudflare runs one of the world’s largest networks with more than 18 percent of the web powered by its network today, and has the unique ability to collect data from these requests flowing through it and learning from each attack it detects and mitigates. With this data, Cloudflare is able to identify likely bot activity with machine learning and behavioral analysis, and can provide the data necessary for creating an effective allowlist of good bots or blocklist of bad bots.

“Bots can represent a threat to brands and their consumers, from the nuisance of altered website performance to risk of compromising customer data. If not addressed proactively, this can undermine the integrity of a program and cause financial harm,” said Sergi Isasi, Cloudflare Director of Product for Bot Management. “Cloudflare’s security suite discerns between desirable and undesirable bot behavior, providing protection from bad actors while maintaining an optimal user experience for people turning to your online services.”

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