SideDrawer joins Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, Canada’s Leading National Cybersecurity Accelerator

SideDrawer, the API-based document management platform, is thrilled to be accepted into the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator (CCA). The CCA is Canada’s first National Accelerator designed specifically to help Canadian Cybersecurity startups to grow and compete at a national and global level. This is a strong validation from a leading cybersecurity organization that today’s approach to external collaboration through file sharing links and attachments is a growing threat for businesses and individuals.

The CCA is a part of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst (RCC), which is Ryerson University’s national centre for innovation in cybersecurity. Both organizations work closely with industry leaders, governments, public agencies, organizations, and academic institutions, to empower Canadian businesses to tackle the challenges of cybersecurity. In addition, the RCC offers groundbreaking training and certification programs; wide-ranging public education programs; and influential policy development to drive Canada’s global competitiveness in cybersecurity.

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“The Catalyst completely aligns with our mission of improving the security profile for businesses and individuals. Being accepted into this accelerator, and passing their due diligence is a testament to our entire team that laid the groundwork from day 1. We believe having access to the experienced Entrepreneurs and Corporates at the Catalyst will further accelerate the strong momentum we are seeing,” said J. Gaston Siri, Co-Founder & CEO of SideDrawer.

“With almost daily reports of mail server hacks or human error resulting in data breaches, we can all observe the toll it takes on businesses and consumers. Unfortunately, small businesses are disproportionately impacted by these breaches, and now face additional pressure from increasing regulatory burden on protecting client data. While email as a communication medium isn’t ever going away, we can leverage effective technology solutions to limit access to sensitive information within an email body, attachment, or a file sharing link. We think SideDrawer has a novel, yet elegantly simple, approach to addressing a critical cybersecurity threat facing businesses and individuals today, and we look forward to helping them elevate their offering to a national stage through the Catalyst,” said Sumit Bhatia, Director of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst.

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“The credit card industry has had a strict ‘no card numbers over email’ policy for over 10 years, explicitly claiming email as unsecure, and instituting fines where appropriate. With the rising number of breaches and greater regulatory oversight, we expect other industries to follow the same approach and restrict email sharing of sensitive data like tax files, employee data, pay stubs, statements, etc. SideDrawer’s unique offering includes a turnkey solution for businesses and consumers, and robust APIs for enterprises and fintechs. We have seen an exceptionally strong momentum in our business, and being admitted into the RCC entrenches us as the leading, secure, document management provider for today’s digital first user,” said Ali Qureshi, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of SideDrawer.

“We look forward to being an active member of the CCA cohort, working closely with the other companies developing leading cybersecurity technology, and identify find ways to incorporate them into our product to enhance the security profile of our clients,” added Gaston Siri.

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