Streamlytics — The Data Partner That Works with Consumers

NetworkNewsAudio – Streamlytics announces the availability of a broadcast titled, “Third-Party Cookies Are Toast, First-Party Data in Demand as Consumers Clamor for Privacy.”

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The days of third-party cookies, which are little packets of data that allow websites and apps to remember information about users’ visits, are becoming relics among us, owing to privacy concerns and regulatory changes. Instead, brands now must learn to employ a first-party data strategy. First-party data is exactly like it sounds — information collected directly from customers by brands for analyzation to personalize experiences and drive new customers and sales.

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Streamlytics, a privately held company, is a new type of data broker/partner that focuses on working with consumers with an emphasis on small and wide data, initially in the African-American demographic, comprised of almost 47 million people in the United States and one of the largest diasporas in the country. The company’s value is undergirded by patent pending technology that unifies disparate data, an innovation in first-party data.

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