ThreeFold and ODE usher in Web 3.0 with Decentralized Data Privacy, Management, Sovereignty, and Infrastructure Solutions

Two tech visionaries have signed a collaborative agreement to deliver solutions that accelerate their collective mission of democratizing data and creating greater data management capabilities for enterprises, and sovereignty for all people.

Data is rapidly becoming the currency of the modern economy. The use and abundance of data have arguably contributed to its status. With the advent of Web 3.0, decentralization and blockchain technology is accelerating the demand for data ownership and compensation. As technologies that support and promote Web 3.0 mature and become scalable, decentralization makes possible transparent, opt-in, peer-to-peer communications that allow individuals to take ownership of their resources.

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“The synergy between ODE and ThreeFold will accelerate the journey toward a more decentralized and democratic way to manage and use consumer data.”

ODE, the world’s first vertically integrated consumer data ecosystem, is creating a future where enterprises become trusted partners to their digital consumers. ODE offers an application platform that enables privacy for digital consumers, lean data science, and compliance for enterprises. Built on blockchain and AI, ODE Infinity defines a new paradigm for digital engagement for enterprises.

ODE recognizes the need for a secure, scalable, and cost-effective global infrastructure platform that complements the key attributes of ODE and furthermore meets the attributes demanded by more and more customers today. Priority attributes include data sovereignty and privacy, true decentralization, no lock-in, scalability, and ultra-security (to name a few).

“The collaboration between ODE and ThreeFold is a tremendous win for enterprises and consumers that are wrestling to find a balance between data privacy, compliance, and business growth to build trust. Our joint offering does exactly that by creating a decentralized data ecosystem that enables enterprises to become trusted partners to their digital consumers. The new world where privacy is by design, usage is by consent, and value realization is unlimited and mutual,” says ODE CEO Sashi Edupuganti. “The synergy between ODE and ThreeFold will accelerate the journey toward a more decentralized and democratic way to manage and use consumer data.”

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ThreeFold technology and the ThreeFold Grid offers such an infrastructure platform and meets these exact attributes demanded by the customers today. ThreeFold brings a truly decentralized compute and storage network that ensures the privacy and sovereignty of customer data, a quantum safe file system, scalability, cost efficiency, and ultimately a digital infrastructure that is far more sustainable for our planet.

“The partnership of the ODE Consumer Data ecosystem with ThreeFold’s ultra-secure, sovereign, scalable, and decentralized infrastructure platform is a complementary pairing. It demonstrates a perfect use case for ThreeFold Grid and our mission as ThreeFold to empower a data economy focused on sovereignty, privacy, equality, and sustainability,” states Chris Hutton, Co-Founder ThreeFold Tech NV. “We are inspired by our shared mission of creating greater wealth distribution and equal opportunity for all of humanity to partake in this data economy.”

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