Web3 Startup Naetion Secures $150m Investment From GEM Digital

Naetion, a Denmark-based web3 startup building the world’s largest on-chain career network, announced today that it has secured an investment totaling $150M from GEM Digital Limited, a digital asset investment firm.

Work, and the culture around it, has found new expression in web3 through art, gamification, exclusive communities, and events. Naetion, billed as the “New World of Work,” operates at the intersection of consumer and crypto, unlocking access to the emerging web3 market for the mainstream user.

Naetion CEO Alexander Rindom-Andersen believes that when it comes to the blockchain’s impact on work, the possibilities are infinite – no matter your profession. “GEM Digital’s investment will help Naetion bring very tangible influence to this sector, enabling the growth of our cutting-edge products, native token $NTN, as well as utility NFTs,” said Rindom-Andersen.

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The Naetion products include HAELP, a decentralized, retail-first network of service providers, creators, and talent which allows its members to easily show, sell, and manage their skills – while retaining 100% of their earnings; Paeyroll, which streamlines human resources for web3 startups with global compliance built-in, converting payroll into revenue and managing the processes of hiring, onboarding, benefits, and expenses; and Monaey, a neobank for everything banking, rewards, staking, and yield savings, inclusive of a credit card to access your Naetion earnings.

“After spending 15-years as an IT entrepreneur, I know that blockchain is the most important thing to happen to the internet since the iPhone – it will change the way we interact with and use digital worlds,” said Buddhika Perera, Naetion CTO and Co-Founder. “In order for this technology to reach its full potential, it must be put to use. Naetion is making web3 accessible and useful not for industry insiders, but for genuine people in the real world.”

“It’s an inspiring step forward,” continued Rindom-Andersen. “We’re excited to continue constructing and pioneering our collective New World of Work with the partnership between Naetion and GEM.”

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