Split Announces Feature Data Platform, Breaks Barriers with External Feature Flags

Innovative product roadmap rewrites industry boundaries, improves user experience through next generation of control, insight, and action

Split, a leading feature delivery and experimentation platform, announced at their customer conference Flagship 2022 new capabilities built within their comprehensive go-forward architecture, the Split Feature Data Platform (FDP). The Feature Data Platform establishes a new best practice framework for all feature management tools, grounded in three pillars: Control, Insight, and Action. Coupled with the launch of the Feature Data Platform, comes the announcement of the industry-first Split External Feature Flags. External Feature Flags is a bold technical breakthrough that allows feature flag data from homegrown and 3rd party feature flag products to be ingested by the Split Feature Data Platform. This removes a significant barrier to the adoption of advanced measurement and analytics when legacy solutions are embedded and difficult to replace.

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“The Split Feature Data Platform establishes a new best practice for our profession”

The Feature Data Platform will deliver significant advancements over the coming months, including:

Control – Lifecycle management and governance of feature flags

  • Persona-based user experience
  • Attribute dictionary for error-free configuration
  • Workspace view permissions for easier collaboration
  • Rollout templates for scalability and reusability
  • SCIM support for consistent identity management

Insight – Discovering a relationship

  • Always valid results for high-velocity decision-making
  • Multi-armed bandit for automated convergence toward the test winner

Action – Putting Control and Insight into practice, automatically

  • Intelligent automated rollouts and rollback conditioned on measured performance
  • Integrations hub triggering actions in Slack, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Teams

Split External Feature Flags makes the Split Feature Data Platform available to a large ecosystem of feature flag tools. Integrations are already established with open-source solutions such as Unleash and split.rb. Also announced is integration with Microsoft Azure App Configuration feature management. Azure App Configuration feature management supports targeting customers by percentage, and Split’s integration brings the ability to view audit logs, impression records, and send flag data to downstream destinations.

According to Split customer Anthony Liatsis, CTO and co-founder of CreditIQ, “Split’s ability to integrate into our stack with minimum disruption sets them apart. With our sophisticated development stack, we want partners who reduce the burden of change management, rather than require major lift-and-shift migrations. The ability to ingest 3rd party feature flag data is important for helping companies like us to get up and running quickly. Additionally, sending feature context to downstream services gives us a way to distribute business insight cross-functionally.”

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“The Split Feature Data Platform establishes a new best practice for our profession,” says Brian Bell, CEO of Split. “Every feature management tool without exception should provide practitioners Control, Insight, and Action. With External Feature Flags, Split is expanding the boundaries of the industry, making it easier for every development team in the world to adopt advanced measurement and analytics. Our integration with Microsoft is a testament to the significance of this breakthrough.”

Balan Subramanian, Partner Director of Product, Microsoft Developer Division at Microsoft Corp., added, “Customers can now use the feature flagging capabilities of Azure App Configuration seamlessly with Split’s advanced measurement and analytics, to better understand the impact that every feature change has on their end-users’ experience. This integration enables developers to deliver features quickly with confidence.”

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