SRAX Shifts Vertical Strategy Into Overdrive, Launches SRAXauto

SRAXauto Joins SRAX’s Vertical Offerings Targeting Healthcare, CPG and Sports Fan Audiences

SRAX launched its new auto vertical offering, SRAXauto. The company’s latest digital marketing and data management tool is designed to reach and reveal valuable auto audiences for auto manufacturers and dealers.

Christopher Miglino, CEO, SRAX
Christopher Miglino

“Replicating the success of our vertical strategy is a core focus,” said Christopher Miglino, CEO and Chairman of SRAX. “SRAXauto is the latest example of our efforts and the opportunity to drive unique targeting capabilities for the automotive industry.”

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SRAXauto’s intelligent stack of tools enable auto manufacturers and dealers to target and reach buyers at dealerships, auto shows, or at home on both desktop and mobile through precision audience building that identifies and targets highly engaged auto intenders on the road to purchase.

Key offerings included in SRAXauto are:

  1. CarTRAX: Combines cookies, previous car buyers’ device IDs, and timely intent data.
  2. CarTRAX Loyalty: Delivers digital ads to a matched list of lease and car buyer data.
  3. ShowTRAX: Engages attendees of a drive event or car show.
  4. CarTRAX Direct: Applies data from direct mail programs to reach auto intenders online.
  5. DealerTRAX: Tracks and targets visitors to specified dealerships.
  6. TestDriveTRAX: Targets test drivers after leaving a dealer location.
  7. Lease&LoanTRAX: Enables brand targeting at the end of a lease or loan.

“SRAXauto represents the latest category-specific tool for buy-side digital marketers,” said Randy Clark, vice president of sales, SRAX. “SRAXauto places auto marketing campaigns miles ahead of the competition for the second largest ad-spending vertical in the U.S.”

SRAX is a digital marketing and data management platform delivering the tools to reach and reveal valuable audiences. SRAX’s machine-learning technology analyzes marketing data to identify brands and content owners’ core consumers and their characteristics across marketing channels. Through an omnichannel approach that integrates all aspects of the advertising experience into one platform, SRAX discovers new and measurable opportunities that amplify campaign performance and maximize profits.

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