Webrobot, Easy Big Data Extraction Platform

WebRobot is a new automated service able to deliver you any information from the big-data world.

WebRobot is a B2B2C platform and multi-vendor marketplace for an immersive experience in big-data extraction, analytics, and data assets monetization. This platform is so far a unique software solution for the big-data market.

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Big data is everywhere around us, and up until now this market has been driven by the tech giants. WebRobot changes this perspective and allows both individuals and businesses to explore opportunities in the big-data world.

What is WebRobot for?
WebRobot is an automated service allowing you to work with big data efficiently. It is based on Spark technology that grants maximum performance.

Today, WebRobot is excited to announce the launch of the managed web scraping services. Multiple extraction packages are currently available for the convenience of the clients.

Whether your business is e-commerce, retailer, financial operator, HR, marketing or IoT, WebRobot does not have borders for the information to be scrapped. It is suitable for any goal and business need. WebRobot is a new, disruptive tool to work with any set of big data in a timely and cost-effective way.

Customer-friendly user terms:
Setup and maintenance are provided by WebRobot experts;
Cancellation at any time;
Upgrade available at any time;
No minimum contract duration;
Compliant with GDPR and similar privacy regulations.

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The power of WebRobot:
Up to 300,000 web pages per hour extracted;
Single shot of the service or periodic duration;
Scraping both static and dynamic pages;
Custom number of records;
Optimization for big data;
Unlimited number of URLs and pages.

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