MarTech Interview with Alexandre de Vigan, Founder & CEO at nfinite

Alexandre de Vigan, Founder & CEO at nfinite chats about the rising importance of visual trends and how they influence sales-marketing experiences:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat, Alexandre. Tell us about nfinite and how this platform was inspired? We’d love to hear more about your growth through the years and recent funding!

nfinite is a SaaS Visuals Content platform to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals. Our ambition is to offer a great product and help transform marketing organizations in an age of intense disruptions.

A primary imperative for marketers nowadays is speed. Marketers for today’s brands must shorten the time that any visual asset lives on their website. But this can be challenging because it can take up to 10 weeks to organize a quality photoshoot—and that 10-week lead time can be eons in the lifespan of a product. Fashions can trend and end in the space of 10 weeks.

This means marketers need to be more agile to create visuals that move the sales needle. nfinite was born to enable marketers to do exactly that. With just one click, marketers can now create and customize high-quality, infinitely adaptable visual content for all their products using the nfinite platform.

Our SaaS platform and GCI innovation give marketers of retail companies and brands in beauty, CPG (consumer packaged goods), and home living markets immediate access to next-generation e-commerce and merchandising. It has already proven to create product visuals ten times faster than traditional methods while saving up to 90% on the visual production budget. Moreover, in terms of performance, it drives up to 10 times more traffic and increases add to cart by 20%.

As eCommerce picks up pace in the global market, why are stronger visual trends in this space now becoming key to powering business outcomes and sales?

Visuals are so influential that U.S. shoppers now expect to see eight different visuals before deciding to make a purchase. Compelling product visuals create a greater desire in consumers by presenting products in a more dramatic and eye-pleasing way. On the practical side, they provide greater product clarity for consumers, which means buyers are less likely to return items they have purchased.

Today, product visuals can be highly customized, making it easier for shoppers to see products from different angles and often in real-life contexts. The better customers can contextualize the visual image and imagine their lives with your products in them, the more likely they are to buy your products.

This new paradigm dramatically alters the way marketers create the photographic images they use in their e-merchandising efforts. Smart marketers are rethinking how they shoot product images, how they display them, and how they customize them. They’re rethinking how they use photos to engage with shoppers.

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We’d love to hear more about some of the upcoming visualization capabilities that nfinite is working on…what can users look forward to through 2022?

 We want to empower our users to create their own product visuals as they have the best understanding of their customer’s preferences. The growing demand for audience-focused visuals will require unlimited customization. Our goal is to introduce more automated and flexible functions to enhance the experience of creating new visuals.

How in your view will eCommerce trends evolve as technologies become more sophisticated, creating a different type of competition in the marketplace?

As sales channels evolve from physical marketplaces to the digital sphere, the production process for product visuals should also make the leap.

Digitization is the only way to address the growing number of product catalogs and a greater need to personalize visual content through creativity.

It’s not just having a digital file of traditional photography, but a digital model, often in 3D, of a product, where content producers and digital marketers can easily insert and imbed seamlessly into lifestyle backgrounds. This makes a product more eye-catching and tailored to different audience segments, thus increasing desirability that translates into sales.

Next-generation visualization is transforming the eCommerce landscape as it eliminates the physical, technical, complexity, scaling, and budgetary challenges typically linked to visual production.

When it comes to creating and building memorable eCommerce experiences, what should businesses focus on?

Stop relying on traditional product photography: Traditional product photography is an outdated process. Yes, visuals remain the most critical asset for ensuring online sales. But producing visuals the conventional way is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming.

 Digitize your product catalog: When you digitize your product catalog with 3D photo technology, you make it possible for customers to visualize your products in various situations and see precisely how those products will fit into their lives.

Use product visuals as a source of customer data: Product visuals are one of the best opportunities you must learn more about your customers. You can test which visuals engage them best. You can see which visuals customers like the most and drive the most shopping-cart placements. You can use this data to improve the entire customer journey and prepare for business in the Metaverse.

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We’d love to hear a few thoughts on your views on the global ecommerce and mobile commerce industry and predictions for 2022!

We all know that Covid has accelerated the migration to digital marketing including eCommerce, social shopping, email marketing, and paid search.

With this migration comes a huge volume of product listing, a great variety of visual formats for different social media platforms, and, most importantly, a greater need for message personalization to reach target demographics and personas.

Addressing the exponential growth of demands through linear resources is not feasible. That’s why we see growing adoption of Marketing Automation tools to solve the challenge of scaling.

Some last thoughts and takeaways before we wrap up!

As marketing teams begin to explore the future potential of the Metaverse, ensuring their visual assets are compatible with the intense 3D visualization and search engine requirements will enable a smooth transition and on-ramp for retailers and brands.

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nfinite - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

nfinite is a SaaS Visuals Content platform that helps retailers grow their business. We offer a turnkey solution for creating, displaying, and managing unlimited product visuals through one seamless interface. Simplifying and scaling CGI technology, the nfinite platform enables companies to cut costs, lift logistical constraints, and accelerate their time to market. With unlimited visual production capacity, companies can enter the world of endless visual combinations, interactive experiences, and real-time personalized content. Visit for more information.

Alexandre holds a Master’s degree in business law and taxation from the University of Assas, then Colombia University (USA). He completes his scholarship with a Master’s degree in management at HEC (2011). Alexandre started his career as a business lawyer, specialized in mergers and acquisitions. Then he began his entrepreneurial vocation in 2014 and founded his first start-up Matchimmo, an online real estate acquisition platform. In 2016, after facing the difficulty of decorating his 1st apartment, he created nfinite (ex hubstairs).

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