Athena Launches First Business Intelligence Platform Amplified With Real-Time Adaptive Data Mining Engine

Athena L.L.C., a Santa Monica-based Business Intelligence (“BI”) venture, announced the launch of Athena, a next-generation BI and self-service data visualization platform. Athena’s analytics are augmented with the Real-Time Adaptive (Data) Mining “RTAM” engine, patented by Rule 14, an artificial intelligence company.

AI-Powered Analytics

By leveraging the RTAM engine, Athena users gain access to AI-powered insights immediately, without having to depend on a data scientist. After the user defines a topic of interest, the RTAM engine automatically queries potentially relevant open and proprietary data channels, in combination with company data, and projects actionable insights, such as exceptions, links and predictions in data that are relevant to users without requiring them to build models or write algorithms.

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Simple Data Exploration and Aggregation with Formulaic Transformation 

Users can effortlessly explore their data before aggregating from disparate silos into a centralized data warehouse. Furthermore, users are able to transform data formulaically into powerful data objects for subsequent dashboarding.

Interactive Visualizations, Enhanced Data Discovery and Reporting Automation 

Athena’s diverse set of charts, tables, gauges and industry-specific dashboards enable users to quickly create interactive reports that make it easy to illuminate critical information. In addition, users can drill down into detail without creating additional reports by restacking dashboard data on-the-fly. Users can also set thresholds or create events that result in alerts delivered over several channels to strategically inform key personnel of timely information.

Embedded Access

Athena offers rapid deployment of its intuitive dashboards into third party applications and websites via iFrame and API integration, enabling users to seamlessly embed analytical content into their business processes.

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Enterprise-Class Governance and Security with Flexible Deployment Options 

Athena’s architecture offers users new capabilities for governance and control to support distributed environments with enterprise-level security frameworks and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Athena’s product manager, Mina Lamey, remarked on the platform release: “Athena is a tremendous BI tool, with a broad set of useful features designed into a clean and intuitive interface that enables non-technical and technical users to explore their data, create smart visualizations and produce reports.”

“We are excited to announce the release of the Athena platform. We offer a solution that will enable companies to easily aggregate their data and automate the generation of actionable insights and alerts. Athena already has over 1,000 users on the platform from several industries including healthcare, banking, insurance and security,” said Jito Chadha, CEO of Athena.

With an increasingly competitive BI space that includes the likes of heavyweights Tableau, Domo, Qlik, Athena’s RTAM engine goes one step further to offer unmatched BI insights to its users.

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