Intermap’s NEXTMap Elevation Data and Analytics Now Included on IgniteNet’s LinqPath Online Planning Tool for 5G

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In partnership with Intermap Technologies, IgniteNet is developing an enhancement of their LinqPath cloud-based network planning platform. The new tools will provide operators with the ability to plan their RF deployments down to 1m accuracy. Incorporating powerful Intermap elevation data for improved link planning and viewshed analysis will allow LinqPath to achieve the accuracy needed to meet the demands required for mmWave network planning.

The telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly in the 5G era and mmWave applications are growing. IgniteNet is an industry leader in mmWave deployments, but these deployments are sensitive to line-of-sight connections to ensure optimal customer experience. The industry requires quick and accurate planning tools to support the deployment of the mmWave networks that include terrain information. The combination of IgniteNet’s industry-leading mmWave technology and enhanced LinqPath toolset with Intermap’s industry leading elevation data coverage and accompanying telecom analytics provides a unique value position in the growing mmWave industry.

With the new partnership, Intermap is supplying its web-based telecommunications analytics suite that is directly integrated into IgniteNet’s application for a seamless customer experience. With LinqPath, customers can estimate the throughput and maximum distance of their MetroLinq 60-GHz radio links under various weather conditions and at multiple link availability rates. The high accuracy of Intermap’s elevation data will provide customers with accurate and reliable network modeling anywhere on Earth.

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MetroLinq is a next generation radio that offers a variety of bandwidth options for applications including fixed wireless access (5G), enterprise networks, wireless backhaul, and security and surveillance. “With the addition of Intermap’s link profile and viewshed analysis to IgniteNet’s industry-leading mmWave deployment tools, users can better estimate the coverage and availability of their network at any location in the world to augment critical decisions on placement of new hardware,” commented Chad Dewey, VP of Product at IgniteNet.

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Intermap’s telecommunications analytics are based on the company’s very successful NEXTMap elevation terrain dataset. Intermap has been steadily building its portfolio of analytic solutions, including flood-risk mapping and telecommunications link planning, to expand into broader markets. According to Patrick Blott, Chairman and CEO, “Millimeter wave frequency networks, formerly used primarily for military communications, are affordable, fast, and capable of delivering enormous amounts of high-quality data, perfectly suited for next generation 5G and Wi-Fi environments. Their line-of-site planning requirements are solved by Intermap’s new analytical tools and our global NEXTMap One elevation data. We are excited to support IgniteNet – all over the world – with powerful and reliable online analytics to accelerate network planning and deployments.”

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