Dialpad + TalkIQ To Bring Voice-Driven AI To Business Communications

With TalkIQ’s Acquisition by Dialpad, VoiceAI Could Better Deliver Real-Time Voice Insights to Transform Phone Call Transcribing Process for Marketing and Sales Teams

Dialpad, a leading cloud business communications provider, announced that it has acquired TalkIQ. TalkIQ is a leader in real-time speech recognition and artificial intelligence. By combining TalkIQ’s real-time speech recognition and natural language processing technologies with Dialpad’s leading communications solutions, Dialpad will deliver VoiceAI to help business teams capture and learn from conversations as they happen.

By applying voice intelligence to all external and internal communications, Dialpad is enabling organizations to sell more effectively.

One trillion words are spoken every day on phone calls between the US businesses and their customers, and 92 percent of business and customer interactions still happen over the phone. By applying voice intelligence to all external and internal communications, Dialpad is enabling organizations to sell more effectively, conduct more efficient meetings, personalize the customer experience, and make smarter business decisions – automatically, in real-time, without installing new software.

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Craig Walker, Founder and CEO, Dialpad
Craig Walker

At the time of this announcement, Craig Walker, Dialpad CEO, said, “AI-driven voice analytics represents a massive untapped opportunity in communications and we’re bringing it to life with TalkIQ’s unmatched technology and engineering talent.”

Craig added, “With UberConference, we built a better virtual meeting; with Dialpad, we made a better business phone system. Now, with VoiceAI, we’ve built a smarter phone call. Real-time speech recognition and natural language processing open a range of new possibilities. We’ll use this powerful combination to innovate features across our product suite to save time, unlock insights and help people have better conversations.”

With the acquisition of an AI-powered Voice technology company, Dialpad would deliver better services to existing customers that include, WeWork, Uber, Motorola Solutions, Domo and Xero. 

Founded in 2014, as part of Atomic Labs, TalkIQ’s original mission was to help sales teams uncover patterns and insights from customer calls. Post acquisition, TalkIQ CEO, Dan O’Connell has joined Dialpad as General Manager of VoiceAI and as a member of the company’s board of directors. Rory O’Driscoll of Scale Venture Partners, TalkIQ’s lead investor, also joined Dialpad as a Board Observer.

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By leveraging Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI, VoiceAI enables teams to take a scientific approach to understanding and acting on conversations. It will power new features across all Dialpad products including DialpadDialpad Call Center and UberConference. Dialpad VoiceAI was designed with security and privacy in mind, with an administrator and user-level system controls easily accessible through the user interface, which allows users complete control over when and how they use VoiceAI features.

Initial capabilities include —

  • Real-time Call Transcription: Receive accurate, automatic transcriptions of any conversation in Dialpad, Dialpad Call Center or conference calls using UberConference – without latency.
  • Smart Notes: Accelerate productivity by automatically taking meeting notes on any conversation. Action items, follow-ups and important moments are automatically captured and provided in a shareable summary at the end of each call to help everyone become more efficient.
  • Real-time Sentiment Analysis (Dialpad Call Center): Identify positive and negative intent signals in client conversations and calculate customer satisfaction scores for 100 percent of calls. Assess account health, understand competition and glean customer insights on specific products, features, and campaigns on a continual, per-call basis.
  • Real-time Coaching: Enable sales and support teams to increase efficiency and decrease ramp time by providing real-time recommendations to representatives as conversations happen. VoiceAI delivers real-time feedback and recommended responses to customer questions, removing “I don’t know” moments and helping sales and support representatives to respond to questions about pricing, new features, and the competition. VoiceAI drives consistency across inbound and outbound communications while simultaneously equipping teams to be top performers.

“Voice interactions represent the world’s last offline dataset,” said Dan O’Connell, General Manager of VoiceAI at Dialpad.

Dan added, “By melding TalkIQ’s speech recognition and natural language processing technology with Dialpad’s leading messaging, conferencing and telephony platform, VoiceAI is the first technology to seamlessly capture and understand conversations with no latency; all within a user’s individual control. Since everything we do is native to the Dialpad experience, we don’t need customers to install new software or change behavior. Pick up the phone and we’ll do our magic. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities and roadmap ahead.”

A beta version of Dialpad VoiceAI with Real-time Transcription, Real-time Sentiment Analysis and Smart Notes is available immediately as a free trial for existing Dialpad customers with paid subscription plans taking effect on 1 July.

Built on the Google Cloud Platform for unmatched security, reliability and scale, Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs with Dialpad, UberConference, Call Center and VoiceAI. More than 50,000 of the world’s most innovative businesses use Dialpad and its seamless integrations with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 to be more productive.

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