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Engagement Labs Issues Statement in Response to the Forrester Wave Social Listening Report

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New Forrester Wave Social Listening Report Makes Business Case for Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial

Engagement Labs Inc. releases its response to the Forrester Wave “Q3 2018 Global Social Listening Platforms” report that assesses the state of the social listening space and evaluates social media listening platforms. The highly regarded biannual report identified major deficiencies in the industry that one industry reporter says are addressed by Engagement Labs’ innovative TotalSocial solution.

Reporter Barry Levine of MarTech Series summarized the Forrester Wave Report and cited Engagement Labs as offering a “more accurate Big Picture,” relative to the social media listening platforms.

The Forrester Wave Report criticized social media listening platforms for not using social intelligence to full potential, for offerings looking too much alike, and for needing to differentiate with stronger strategy tools. “In our 2016 Forrester Wave evaluation of social listening platforms, we acknowledged that the technology had great potential, but its heyday was still to come. We’re still holding our breath in 2018.”

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As part of the Report, Forrester reviewed all 10 leading Social Listening Platforms along and conducted with interviews with companies, concluding the industry “still primarily owns and uses social data in a silo” and said the “next frontier” is to “differentiate with strategy.” Among other suggestions, the report says the platforms need to combine online social data with other business intelligence and provide consulting and professional services.

Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial platform is differentiated from listening platforms because it combines offline consumer conversations with those collected online, and links all conversations to business results, and offers diagnostics and a marketing playbook, all of which together provide marketers with a stronger foundation for strategy development.

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“We are proud of the fact that our TotalSocial platform takes social intelligence to an entirely new level by covering the entire social ecosystem—online and offline—and by using predictive analytics to show marketers how they can use a social strategy to improve business performance,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “Our platform delivers exactly what Forrester says is lacking in the listening industry, and that’s why leading marketers are signing up with us this year.”

“Engagement Labs is already delivering on the innovation called for by the analysts at Forrester. Our platform is the silo-busting integrator of online and offline consumer conversations, helping make social data a key contributor to marketing strategy on behalf of our clients,” said Engagement Labs President and Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Brown.

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