FICO Launches Executive LinkedIn Live Video Series on Operationalizing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


  • FICO is launching two new LinkedIn Live video series about operationalizing analytics and AI to meet common business challenges pressing organizations today
  • “Coffee with Claus,” hosted by FICO Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Claus Moldt, will discuss AI-driven digital transformation such as analytics adoption and simulation in digital decisioning and how you operationalize decisioning within the enterprise
  • FICO Chief Analytics Officer Scott Zoldi will host “Expect the Unexpected” which will feature conversations with other AI executive leaders, exploring ethics in AI and how to  implement responsible AI to keep key items such as diversity and regulation front-of-mind for executives

Global analytics software provider, FICO, announced its upcoming executive LinkedIn Live video series, “Coffee with Claus” and “Expect the Unexpected.” Hosted by FICO Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Claus Moldt, “Coffee with Claus” will discuss the role of analytics and artificial intelligence in digital transformation, while “Expect the Unexpected” will feature FICO Chief Analytics Officer Scott Zoldi exploring a range of AI topics, such as ethics, governance, diversity, and regulation, with executive leaders.

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Many of today’s enterprises rely on data, and further AI, to deliver a constant stream of intelligence and insight that can be applied to help them pivot in constantly changing business environments as well as address pressing everyday challenges.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating countless digital transformation journeys, our goal is to ensure enterprises are deploying the data at their disposal in the most beneficial ways, some of which include a need to adopt AI to make robust and informed digital decisions,” said Claus Moldt, EVP and CTO at FICO.

The first episode of “Coffee with Claus,” What is an AI Platform?, airs Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at noon EST and features Forrester Analyst Mike Gualtieri.

The first episode of “Expect the Unexpected,” Diversity and Governance: AI Breaks into the Boardroom, airs Thursday, July 8, 2021 at noon EST and features leading financial services industry executive, Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer of Citi, Head of Citi Ventures, and Head of Citi Productivity.

“Having conversations with key AI industry thought leaders on a wide-reaching platform like LinkedIn enables us to help organizations explore the importance of critical concepts within Responsible AI, such as regulation and ethics that regularly impact operations both now and for the decades to come,” added Scott Zoldi, CAO at FICO.

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Upcoming discussion topics include:

Expect the Unexpected

  • AI and Regulation: Is Your AI Ethical? The Answer May Surprise You
  • Is AI Biased?
  • Responsible AI: The Role of AI Model Governance
  • What Is Responsible AI? Robust, Explainable, Ethical, Efficient

Coffee with Claus

  • Data is at the Heart of Digital Transformation
  • Operationalizing Analytics and AI
  • Simulation Drives Better Decisions
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