Iconosquare launches new Facebook analytics tools

Iconosquare, Best Known for Its Instagram Analytics Platform, Expands to Facebook

Iconosquare, the social media analytics platform, has launched a new suite of Facebook analytics for social media marketers. Iconosquare for Facebook will allow marketers to track the performance of their Facebook Page metrics and Instagram marketing efforts from a single analytics hub.

Iconosquare is best known as a market leader in Instagram analytics, where its platform of advanced and user-friendly analytics software has helped it amass over 40,000 customers since its launch in 2011.

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Iconosquare has now added a range of analytics features to its platform which enables marketers to analyze their Facebook communities with more detail than ever before. Over 6,000 pages have already signed up to Iconosquare’s Facebook Analytics platform. The new features expand on Facebook’s native analytics by analyzing multiple layers of datasets – for example, combining post type and post-performance – and providing advanced data exports, report scheduling, and competitive analysis. Other features include:

  • Reach and engagement measurement
  • Community engagement
  • Post timing recommendations
  • Competitor tracking
  • Comment monitoring

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These features, with more planned, including Facebook Page performance and post scheduling, are available now to new and existing Iconosquare customers. Iconosquare’s Instagram and Facebook analytics platform is designed for marketers of all stripes, from individual influencers right up to enterprise marketing teams, and is available from just $9/month.

Iconosquare launches new Facebook analytics tools
Romain Ouzeau

Romain Ouzeau, CEO of Iconosquare, said: “People use Instagram and Facebook for different reasons: Instagram speaks to users’ sense of authenticity, identity, and emotion, while Facebook targets users’ desire to learn and be informed. Today’s brands need to address both audience personas, the emotional and the rational, and having a strong presence on both platforms is a sure-fire recipe for success. Facebook and Instagram are becoming more tightly integrated on a technological and feature-level: there is a clear case for a unified approach to both platforms for marketers, and we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the tools for them to succeed on both platforms.”

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