Industry Intelligence Launches Online Dashboard with New Information Mapping System to Help Businesses Eliminate Information Chaos

Industry Intelligence’s Unique Information Mapping Technology Provides Market Intelligence to Business Professionals That’s Instantly Sharable with Colleagues Anywhere and Anytime

Industry Intelligence announces a new design of its online dashboard with information mapping technology that helps business users navigate the complexities of their business and related industries more smoothly and intuitively.

The new dashboard presents instantly digestible news bites accompanied by a dynamic information map that changes with shifting news trends. This interactive information map shows the market landscape from different perspectives and allows users to zero in on each market element: be it a key industry player, a market event or a trending topic. Once the user chooses an element to zoom in on, the news is displayed with related intelligence such as insights from analysts, top executives and influencers, as well as patents, images and social chatter about brands and products.

Industry Intelligence’s information map contextualizes market news so dashboard users can instantly understand complex issues and see emerging trends.

Subscribers can create saved topics, as well as instantly annotate and share a key piece of intelligence with colleagues within the corporate license for immediate discussion.

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Information mapping isn’t what comes to mind for most market intelligence users. Yet contextualized market news is critical in order for business professionals to make the best decisions. Consider these questions:

Even when the information is accurate, is it relevant to the needs of a business? Is it connected to other critically related information that presents the full picture of its market? Are there opposing viewpoints or multiple perspectives that merit consideration?

Content may appear readily available in all different directions every minute of the day, from emailed articles to mobile alerts and cloud-based collaboration, but today’s business professionals are likely drowning in that information.

Rami Ghandour, CEO of Industry Intelligence, sums up the typical pain points of clients as follows:

“We speak to professionals from a wide range of sectors. We have yet to meet anyone who says, ‘I got it all under control.’ Most say, ‘I don’t have time… I delete most emails… I save things into a folder and mostly forget about it…’”

Does this sound familiar?

In its nearly two decades’ experience providing market intelligence to some of the world’s largest companies, Industry Intelligence has discovered that many professionals rely on luck, hoping the right information somehow finds them at the right time.

Business leaders invest large sums to hire and develop their workforce. After all is said and done, these leaders might not want to hear that their employees rely on “luck” to get the right information to do their job.

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Industry Intelligence understands that timeliness for business professionals is more complex than getting news as it breaks. Information is timely only if it is:

  • instantly accessible when the user needs it
  • delivered through the platform of the user’s choice
  • digestible so busy professionals can instantly understand complex issues and use the information the moment they receive it

Why is Industry Intelligence different?

Industry Intelligence recognizes there are three essential components for business enterprises to meet challenges in today’s connected world. ALL three are required to avoid failure:

1)    Industry expertise – knowing what matters for the business
2)    Content expertise – knowing what intelligence matters for decision-making
3)    Information management expertise – knowing how to promote the flow of information smoothly throughout the entire organization

Highly skilled business professionals already have (1) but usually not (2) and (3).

An intelligence system comprising all three components can anticipate the users’ needs and information-seeking behavior. Building such a smart infrastructure is a daunting task outside most companies’ core business. So, the best solution is to find an innovative partner who has done it many times successfully for companies.

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Having Industry Intelligence’s dashboard subscription in an organization is like having a team of researchers who know what type of information matters for business decisions. Trained content editors know how to distill an ocean of information, make it digestible for busy executives and then use category tagging to make market trends easy to discover. The information system places intelligence at clients’ fingertips using a variety of technology options.

By collaborating with clients, Industry Intelligence is able to map information to their needs while constantly evolving to match the fluidity of their changing marketplace and dynamic information needs.

Industry Intelligence understands the language of industry and the dynamic market forces that affect a company and its brands. By investing in both human expertise and information technology, Industry Intelligence brings actionable intelligence to businesses so they can put an end to information chaos and let employees get back to doing their job – better and easier!

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