Kai Medical & Fobi Deliver Rapid Covid Testing & Results Delivery for Huge Event in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino

Integrated Kai Medical and Fobi Rapid Covid Testing System powers a return to in-person events

Fobi AI Inc. Inc., a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement, is pleased to announce that Fobi has worked with Kai Medical to help power a rapid Covid testing system for the Galaverse event that was held December 11-13 at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas by Gala Games. Fobi earned revenue from this project through a development consulting agreement with Kai Medical.

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Gala Games is a blockchain gaming powerhouse, run by one of the founders of Zynga. Their Galaverse event is one of the largest events in Las Vegas, with live events held December 11th & 12th and a virtual event being held on the 13th. All of the live events were completely sold out, with over 30,000 people expected to attend, and a number of high-profile musical acts performed at the event, including Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire.

In order to keep the event safe, it was mandatory for all attendees to take a rapid Covid test performed by Kai Medical, and the results were delivered to users’ mobile phones by Fobi. The testing and results delivery process was very quick, taking approximately 10 minutes to do a self-test and then receive the results on their phone. If the results were negative, attendees were given a wristband that became their ticket to the event. The user experience for the testing was very good, registration was totally paperless with a scannable QR code, tables were spaciously separated to align with social distancing practices, and there were rigorous sanitizing processes in place.

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Yoshi Tyler, Founder and President of Kai Medical said, “Returning to in-person events is an exciting step forward but doing so safely is of the utmost importance. I’m thrilled to see our team hit the ground running to provide Galaverse with a reliable, integrated testing system that streamlines the attendees experience.”

The Fobi Covid test results system was custom developed for this event, however it will be re-purposed for other events. It was also developed very quickly in just 2 days in response to a specific need from Kai Medical for this event, showcasing again the agility and innovation of Fobi’s development team. It also highlights the strength of the relationship between Fobi and Kai Medical, as well as Kai Medical’s parent company, Empower Clinics. This integration work will also work well for other use cases such as the Travel and Hospitality industries, which is particularly timely with the Cruise industry set to restart from Vancouver next spring.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson stated: “This was a great project for us to work on and delivered some great wins. Obviously, we helped support Kai Medical in delivering a huge event for Gala games, a pioneer in blockchain gaming, in Vegas, my second home. However, we’ve also developed a Covid Testing Results delivery system that integrates with our Wallet pass solution, and which we can deliver to other venues and events together with Kai Medical for integrated Covid testing and results delivery.”

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