Landindex Establishes Itself As A Metaverse Data Analytics Company In The Metaverse Industry.

Landindex is a newly launched crypto platform. It performs as metaverse data analytics company providing the only metaverse data and information.

Landindex provides the features that enable its users to navigate, compare and plan around $LAND prices across many metaverses on Ethereum. Landindex provides the resources on the internet right now to see all $LAND prices together. It offers two services that complement its features:

  • Metaverse Parcel Analytics Tool: The tool navigates, lists and compares all metaverse parcel prices by ETH floor prices.
  • Buy & Sell Land NFTs: Buying land on the metaverse is the next decade’s technology investment play. Metaverse NFTs on Ethereum are growing at a rapid pace, and assists its users in navigating the growing space.

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Landex has built a technology that offers a robust infrastructure of manual APIs which constantly update through live NFT prices without depending on third parties. It also provides alternative ways of securing data flow from multiple sources. Having two databases on two separate websites, i.e., Landex & Landinde, both the sites allow for redundancy and 100% uptime. Landindex acts as a price index and analysis tool. Both platforms are run by the same experienced and cost-effective team that involves practices in the NFT industry.

Landex follows the below-given steps to function as Data Sets:

  1. Floor price comparisons and periodical sales volumes by category across all major metaverses.
  2. Heatmaps for foot traffic across Decentraland.
  3. Live Events map for a place to be in Decentraland, The Sandbox and Otherside.
  4. Key Land Holders and demographic info from the metaverse (Starmaps).
  5. Total Assets Value estimation of Pro+ users.

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