Leading Managed Service Provider Debuts Performance Management Operating Platform to Improve Employee and Customer Engagement, Retention

Team GPS provides a centralized resource for MSPs to strategize, engage, and manage employees with a focus on people

IT By Design (ITBD), a Master Managed Services Provider (MSP), introduced Team GPS, a business operating system that centralizes the traditionally disparate tools for engaging and retaining customers and employees, generating greater satisfaction for both populations while driving higher profitability for MSP businesses.

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ITBD, a market leader in delivering engineering talent and education to MSPs, leveraged its extensive industry experience and knowledge to fully develop its first platform in-house. The new offering addresses many vital areas pertinent specifically to employees, their job performance and satisfaction, and workplace culture. Team GPS is comprised of multiple components, including rewards and recognition, strategy and goals, and employee performance. The customer engagement component will be released first, followed by employee engagement.

Highlights of Team GPS include:

Resources to engage customers

  • Surveys to generate tactical feedback and align that data with employee performance management and professional development
  • Integration with Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools to turn data into actionable intelligence
  • Visibility into execution and impact of business goals with customers

Resources to engage employees

  • Surveys to generate feedback from staff and their supervisors and help a lign employee or team performance with organizational goals
  • Role-specific tested performance templates
  • Rewards and recognition component featuring gamification and personal recognition opportunities

“With Team GPS, we’re taking all of the existing tools to the next level by putting them into one central repository where MSPs can greatly benefit from the rich data that can now be easily mined,” said Sunny Kaila, chief executive officer for ITBD. “As a Master MSP, we have reached a level of operational expertise that affords us the competency and privilege to create these critical people-based resources for our peers. These tools will help them transform from a tech-centric mindset to a people-centric mindset, which is imperative for future success.”

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