Lumenore Introduces Template-Based Analytic Solutions for Leading CRM Applications

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Lumenore, which develops and markets fully integrated business intelligence and analytics platform solutions that generate focused insights and operational performance, introduced template-based analytic solutions that provide fast and seamless connectivity to leading CRM applications such as Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks and immediately help visualize metrics that matter most to your business.

The analytic templates run on Lumenore 2.0, the latest release of Lumenore’s integrated BI and analytics platform, and are available at no additional cost. Access to these CRM applications is through Lumenore Connect, where users can seamlessly connect to desired data sources and schedule incoming data sets for analysis. Lumenore Connect consists of more than 50 on-premise and cloud-based connectors, including those introduced today.

“In a world where Covid-19 is having such a dramatic impact on customer behavior, the introduction of Lumenore’s template-based analytic solutions together with solutions on customer experience, customer satisfaction, agent performance, and help desk could not come at a better time,” said Mike Ferguson, managing director of Intelligent Business Strategies, a UK-based independent IT industry analyst and consultant specializing in business intelligence, analytics, data management, big data and enterprise architecture.

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“Companies need all the help they can get to retain customers as well as attract new ones,” added Ferguson, who has more than 38 years of IT experience. “These pre-built templated solutions added to Lumenore’s already unique ‘Did you know’ and ‘Ask me’ capabilities that enable organizations to rapidly get their fingers on the pulse of customer behavior and activity so they can anticipate change and respond to it in a timely manner,” Ferguson added.

With Salesforce Insights, you can provide your finance, operations channel teams, and executives with secure, up-to-date, customized views of your data. With just a few clicks, users can connect and create insightful, data-rich dashboards for the following metrics:

  • Projected sales/sales pipeline/sales funnel
  • Leads closes and wins
  • Top sales sources/salespeople
  • Lead sources
  • Open opportunities
  • Average sales cycle

Lumenore’s QuickBooks Insights enables connectivity to QuickBooks and provides a comprehensive view of key financial metrics with easy-to-use visualizations and helps answer critical questions related to financial performance such as business profitability, key financial trends, and forecasts that should be monitored, as well as methods for better managing, accounts payables/receivables. Users can gain insights into the up-to-the-moment financial status, monitor revenue, and expenses over time, as well as key insights on assets, equity, and liabilities.

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Lumenore also introduced the following solution templates:

Telco Business Brain: Provides insights into performance metrics related to network coverage, customer experience, customer churn and loyalty, revenue management, and product management. The solution helps businesses in the areas of customer retention, increased profitability and cost containment, and improving customer satisfaction.

IT Helpdesk Performance Management: Monitors, tracks and analyzes the performance of your IT helpdesk, analyzing ticket categories, ticket triaging, and resolved vs. pending cases. The helpdesk analytics template helps organizations maintain SLAs, improve agent productivity, and improve operational performance.

CSAT Analytics: Helps visualize, analyze and gather insights into key parameters influencing customer satisfaction such as sentiments of the customer (verbatim analytics), time and efforts made by the customer to gain issue resolution, as well as specific reasons for customer satisfaction. The solution measures customer satisfaction across various interaction channels, analyzes the customer responses, and determines the customer sentiments.

Agent Scorecard: Enables organizations to visualize, analyze, and gain insights into key operational metrics such as agent performance, call handling, service level, productivity and quality of care. Agent Scorecard assists with the following business problems: containing operating costs, improving operational performance, customer satisfaction levels, increasing agent productivity, and identifying training and coaching needs.

Agent Outlier Management: With this solution, organizations can easily set up an automated process that helps define and identify outlier scenarios, assign and take actions against each outlier scenario, as well as track the progress of issue resolution. The solution brings much-needed transparency and accountability to agents’ performance and actions while helping reduce inappropriate cross-selling/up-selling, call hang-up scenarios, and call transfer rates.

“Lumenore enables organizations to quickly analyze and measure the ROI of programs with cost-effective analytics solutions that enable and improve customer interaction insights and operational performance and quality, all while enhancing workforce performance,” said Amit Soni, Lumenore executive vice president, and chief technology officer. “With the introduction of our analytic templates, we are delivering on our promise of even faster time to implementation as well as time to value with our analytic solutions.

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