Google Analytics Customers Are Missing Data Due To The Disruption Of Ad Blockers

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Adtoniq Releases Comprehensive Products For Websites To Maximize The Value Of Their Blocked Audience

Google Analytics customers are missing data and information, cannot segment and differentiate their blocked audiences, often without realizing it, because ad blockers prevent Google Analytics from working properly. Adtoniq released the first in a series of breakthrough products designed to put website owners back in control of their blocked audiences and accurately measure Key Performance Indicators. The company is first to solve this problem with Adtoniq for Google Analytics (A4GA). The solution detects all known ad blockers, reliably ensuring Google Analytics continues to work and delivers previously disrupted information about blocked audiences. It provides tools to take action to maximize the value of websites while allowing customers to engage with and show deference to ad blocked users by offering them choices. All of this is accomplished without asking the user to disable their ad blocker or whitelist the website.

Gary Portney
Gary Portney

“Ad blocking is negatively affecting many website owners. Without reliable information and insights, it is virtually impossible to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions,” said Gary Portney, CEO of Adtoniq. “Equally, publishers can’t answer questions that advertisers are asking about their blocked audiences, one of a host of issues that arise from ad blocking, and more importantly, they cannot implement strategies to increase KPI’s for their blocked audiences. We are excited about solving this massive problem and providing easy to use tools in a way that is acceptable to consumers and publishers alike.”

Adtoniq detects how an ad blocker is configured and sends that data to Google Analytics using custom dimensions, including whether the blocker is hiding parts of the page (element hiding), whether the blocker has “acceptable ads” enabled, and which services like ads or analytics are being blocked. With this rich and reliable information, Adtoniq’s Ad Blocking Best Practice Reports offer unique insights to help Google Analytics users understand the behavioral and demographic differences among different segments of their blocked audience and design and implement better monetization strategies.

A4GA is built on Adtoniq’s core technology platform, Adtoniq TruBlock™, which allows website publishers to communicate with their blocked audience to better understand their needs and uniquely enables them to control the entire end-user experience. “We urge companies to respect their ad blocked audience and the reasons they are using blockers, starting with explaining clearly what steps they are taking to address ad blocking, and what choices their blocked users have,” said David Levine, CTO of Adtoniq. “We think all web publishers should proactively disclose to their ad blocked audience that they are using Google Analytics when blocked, and let their audience know how to opt out of being tracked. We respect that choice.”

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