Matas Builds Further Customer Loyalty With Matas Plus, Powered by Agillic

Health and beauty retailer Matas already runs one of Denmark’s most successful customer clubs, Club Matas, with 1.7 million members. Now, they have added a new sister to the Matas family, the subscription-based Club Matas Plus, which includes special offers, extra points and free deliveries. And already, thanks to successful in-store recruitment and a decade of performant omnichannel strategy powered by Agillic, Club Matas Plus is yet another example of our client’s success in omnichannel execution.

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Club Matas Plus was launched in January 2021, as a complement to the existing free-of-charge customer club – or as another sister in the family, as Matas likes to put it. Club Matas Plus is a subscription-based service, with benefits such as triple points on every purchase, free deliveries from and a special monthly offer, only available for Club Matas Plus members. The monthly fee is 29 DKK, with a free 30-day trial and no binding period. Customers can sign up online, but most new members are recruited through Matas’ 264 stores.

30-day onboarding flow to increase conversion

“Getting in-store customers to sign on to the free trial in stores works very well. Our main challenges is to encourage people to finalize the process online and continue as a Club Matas Plus member beyond the 30 days”, says Julie Marie Hauerberg, Subscription and Loyalty Program Manager for Club Matas.

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To achieve this, Matas uses communication flows created in Agillic to remind customers to complete the process, show all the benefits they have already received, and provide special offers as further encouragement. After the initial welcome e-mail and/or SMS, Matas communicates regularly with the new member over the first month, from an offer of free points after seven days and a half-way “money saved so far” account, to a last-chance free product offer at the end of the free trial.

Making good customers even better

Since the start in January, 37,000 Club Matas members have already upgraded to Club Matas Plus, and analysis shows that the goal of recruiting Matas’ best customers has been fulfilled. Not only that, but the numbers also show that joining Club Matas Plus makes good customers even better. On average, the members have increased their purchase amount by 13 % and number of purchases by 21 %.

“We are very pleased with Club Matas Plus so far”, says Julie Marie Hauerberg. “By connecting our customers closer to us, we increase our competitiveness and make sure Matas is always their first choice. Over the next months we will continue to fine-tune our Agillic flows to convert even more customers to Club Matas Plus.

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