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NetBase Unveils the Most Comprehensive Cross-Channel Social, Earned, And Owned Engagement Analysis

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Industry Leading Social Media Analytics Solution Tracks Engagement Across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

NetBase, a global leader in enterprise social analytics, recently announced it is the first global social media analytics solution to track comprehensive engagement across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. NetBase’s analytics platforms (NetBase Enterprise and NetBase Pro) aggregate the engagement metrics data into a single dashboard to provide for easy analysis of trends, popular posts and actionable insight.

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NetBase Unveils the Most Comprehensive Cross-Channel Social, Earned, And Owned Engagement Analysis
Paige Leidig

“Social media is so important to brands today, they can’t afford to miss valuable customer feedback metrics, which too many tools claim to provide but do not. Brands need true insight around the spread of hashtags and content across earned and owned channels and our updates now provide a complete insight into the industry,” said Paige Leidig, chief marketing officer at NetBase.

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Key enhancements to the NetBase platform include:

  1. Enhanced Instagram analysis and insight: NetBase is the only global analytics solution analyzing both followers, comments, and likes on all tracked Instagram channels and keywords. Today Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users and more than 15 million brands are active on the channel. Instagram has the greatest consumer engagement on any social network and it has a strong correlation to brand passion. NetBase’s enhanced Instagram engagement metrics track back to January 1, 2017, and include comments and likes figures which enables a brand to quickly see which posts have resonated the most. Brands can use the insight to identify influencers, assist in content ideation and easily identify trending content for rapid response.
  2. Analyze across all major networks in a single view: NetBase enables users to analyze social media from all major networks (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) as well as blogs, forums, news etc., in a single view. This provides brands the ability to easily contrast, compare and aggregate information across all major networks without jumping to different views or manually consolidating the data. Brands can also rank posts across social networks in a single analysis. The same enhanced analysis NetBase provides for Instagram, it provides for all other social channels as well.
  3. Comprehensive Insights based on text, engagement metrics and image: NetBase combines the insights extracted from the text of the posts using the state of art NLP, engagement metrics on all owned and earned data, and insights extracted from images such as logos, objects, scenes detected using deep learning. Users do not need to have different applications for getting metrics or Image analysis. One single view shares all of the insights.
  4. Deepest historical analysis: NetBase offers comprehensive historical coverage for keyword, hashtag and channel searches that goes back years. This enables seasonal comparisons, in-depth campaign analysis and more effective influencer identification.

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