NetBase Brings Natural Language Processing to Social Media Monitoring; Launches “Instant Search” Solution for On-Demand Social Analytics

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According to a market research report, natural language processing market size is estimated to grow from $7.63 billion in 2016 to $16.07 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.1%. Social media monitoring segment is expected to be among the top investors in natural processing market. NetBase, by introducing natural language processing for social monitoring, reveals how this cognitive technology adds power and balance to existing martech stacks.

NetBase, the leading provider of social media intelligence and enterprise customer analytics solutions, unveiled the ingeniously built on-demand search bar – NetBase Instant Search. The latest addition to social analytics suite from NetBase will enable users to view, analyze and derive insights from billions of social posts via the on-demand search bar. NetBase Instant Search will be available as a standalone or complimentary capability social analytics engine with natural language processing capabilities.

“By quickly identifying trends, post volume, impressions and changing net sentiment, NetBase Instant Search answers the questions marketers want to know now—who is talking, what are people talking about and where are these influential conversations taking place?” said Paige Leidig, CMO at Netbase. “This immediate insight delivers the background executives, brand marketers and analysts need to build and strengthen strategic marketing initiatives.”

NetBase is ranked as Top Rated Social Media Management Tool by TrustRadius 2015. Currently, NetBase offers unique social media intelligence suite that includes applications – Social Media Monitoring, Audience Insights, Voice of the Customer, and Natural Language Processing. Its best-in-class social media intelligence tools add value to any campaign brainstorming.

Benefits of Deploying Instant Search

  • Self-service analytics to empower social media campaigns
  • Real-time content discovery with up-to-second snapshot on social trends and influencers’ behavior
  • Instant identification of audience based on age, gender, geo-location, and device used
  • Hover-over analysis for enhanced social listening
  • Quick idea creation and brainstorming
  • Improved analytics on content performance
  • Zero interruptions in report generation and analytics, removing the need to depend on ad-hoc teams
  • Advanced filters to focus on enriching brand conversations based on source, domain, country, and languages
  • Real-time insights and analytics exported and shared across enterprise in PDF format

NetBase Instant Search pushes prompt and meaningful insights with a single click, eliminating the operational demand for ad-hoc report generation and analysis. Users can simply feed relevant keywords, mentions, and hashtags into Instant Search to derive a comprehensive list of data.

Every minute, social media users (individuals, groups, and communities) discuss various aspects of brands billions of times across social media sites. Marketers want to mine that data and determine what their audiences discuss. Natural language processing scoops significant part of the pie that users share on social platforms using text analytics, data mining and computational linguistics. Top brands are adopting social media intelligence tools to engage consumers across different channels. Adopting a search bar powered by natural language processing for social monitoring will allow marketers to equate brand’s social media engagement with powerful performance-based intelligence tools.


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