Maropost Adds an Intuitive Email Editor to Its Enterprise Marketing Cloud

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Last time MarTech Series covered a news release about Maropost, I saw a lot of potential in this ingeniously built email automation platform. Living up to its promising spree of innovations, the company released a new user-friendly addition to its digital messaging and email solutions platform. The latest drag-and-drop intuitive email editor in Maropost Marketing Cloud offers seamless integration with existing email suites, allowing marketers to create highly interactive and intuitive campaigns using powerful functionalities.

“The Maropost Marketing Cloud exists to make our clients’ lives easier and to save them time and resources,” says Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO and Chairman of Maropost. “Our automation, journeys, and analytics are second-to-none. It only makes sense that we extend our expertise to the actual email creation process. Like everything we offer, the email editor has been completely designed and built in-house for maximum consistency and integration.”

Maropost Marketing Cloud offers a fully scalable enterprise email marketing platform for leading brands, online publishers, and digital marketers. The newly introduced intuitive email editor with drag-drop features is 100% compatible with the existing scripting language, offering intuitive personalization to engage audiences across regions. Users can directly access every style attribute available virtually through the interactive interface. From ideal designing to accurate placement of graphical content, the new email editor provides a fully responsive layout to create specific customizations. Using the new email editor, email marketers can automatically convert their email’s stylesheet into inline styles at any stage of designing. The level of customization allows marketers to target clients without relying on third-party CSS inline styling platforms.

“Our email editor has always been the foremost in terms of functionality,” says Paquette. “Now it’s also among the easiest and most intuitive to use. The new email editor will allow one person to accomplish in a fraction of the time what previously would have required a team of designers, coders, and email analysts and specialists.”

The Toronto-based email marketing automation provider offers diversified marketing solutions for mobile marketing, lead generation and nurturing, web tracking, landing page personalization and content optimization, app marketing, and API integrations. All its marketing solutions can be integrated with platforms offered by Netsuite, InfusionSoft, and Salesforce. For a company that believes in making in-house innovations rather than acquiring peer companies, marketers should expect more user-friendly additions to the Maropost Marketing Cloud in 2017.

In December 2016, Maropost raised an undisclosed private equity funding from Highland Capital Partners Europe and Elephant Partners.  Marketing technology innovations have received a major push with this new entrant making it big in marketing and sales cloud domain with cutting-edge innovations and upgrades.

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