CallidusCloud and Salesforce Expand their Vision to Unify Sales and Marketing Automation

CallidusCloud and Salesforce Expand their Vision to Unify Sales and Marketing Automation

CallidusCloud®, best known for its cloud-based sales effectiveness and sales performance management software solutions, announced its decision to extend its partnership agreement with Salesforce. The new deal with leading marketing automation company will allow CallidusCloud to enhance its position in martech industry as a leading cloud-based customer experience solutions firm. The latest Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner will collaborate on new martech investments, joint sales activities and technical alignment, in addition to driving innovation for global customers.

“Every customer and everything is becoming smarter and more connected, which is why it’s more critical than ever to provide solutions that complete the customer journey from lead to close,” said Tyler Prince, executive vice president, worldwide alliances, and go-to-market innovation at Salesforce.

“Customers will benefit from our extended partnership, combining Salesforce’s #1 CRM with CallidusCloud’s leading Sales Performance Management capabilities.”

CallidusCloud customers can now gain accelerated insights on time-to-revenue numbers and their impact on ROI by adding Salesforces’ CRM.

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with Salesforce,” said Leslie Stretch, President and CEO at CallidusCloud. “As the leader in SaaS Sales Performance Management, this agreement is an opportunity to deliver solutions to a large, educated and cloud-savvy marketplace, complementing Salesforce’s CRM, industry, and Quote-to-Cash initiatives.”

Leading enterprises are growing their stacks for marketing and sales to drive maximum ROI from their investments. However, marketers and sales professionals have limited options to align every sales and marketing efforts through a single, centralized automation platform.

In its report titled “2016 Sales and Marketing Sentiment Study”, CallidusCloud revealed that only 30% of the sales and marketing pros said their companies shared data fully between sales and marketing. Only about 28% of them said they were using a unified sales and marketing solution; about the same percentage had one or both departments still depending on manual processes or spreadsheets.

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via CallidusCloud

Salesforce’s CRM and CallidusCloud’s Sales Performance Management and Sales Enablement Solutions will enable marketing and sales teams to close the blind spots seen in the journey of a lead from generation to fulfillment (or drop-off). These blind spots have always been a bone of contention for enterprises, fueling antagonism between the two revenue-churning departments. Martech solutions from Salesforce and CallidusCloud will help customers converge their resources through a single automation platform to boost ROI at an unprecedented pace.

CallidusCloud, founded in 1996, is among the leading martech solution firms that have run successfully as an IPO. It has so far made ten acquisitions in the technology sector, mostly focusing on building next-gen sales success platforms. By partnering CallidusCloud, Salesforce may fasten its efforts to acquire more companies in the near future, pushing its inventiveness to raise an IPO by 2017-end.

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