New DMscore Study Proves Strong Correlation Between Improved Online Visibility and Business Success

The DMscore study addresses a long standing frustration felt by service busineses trying to understand consumer attention in local markets.

Based on a newly released study of 13,000 dental practices conducted in 2022, the landmark analysis shows a correlation between the DMscore and practice success in over 90% of the cities measured. The higher the DMscore between 1 and 100, the more successful the business.

“Our DMscore study reveals a very high level of correlation between a DMscore and business success, and is a strong predictor of revenue. We looked at thousands of dental practices that have moved their marketing efforts online, and we can show how optimizing consumer attention can help them dramatically improve their revenue,” said Rand Schulman, CEO of DMscore, and a pioneer in digital marketing and analytics.

DMscore solves long-standing digital transformation challenges facing many local service businesses, like dental practices that need to understand where to direct digital marketing efforts. “Acquiring just a few new patients per year justifies their optimization efforts”, noted Schulman who will be sharing these findings at the definitive Dykema DSO Conference, July 13th – 15th in Denver.

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DMscore Enterprise for DSOs

A typical DSO can consist of hundreds of local practices. “DMscore enables both DSOs and individual practices to see how their digital marketing efforts are working, and when combined with other digital dental platforms and applications, they truly revolutionize the business of DSOs to power business growth at the practice and network level”, said Brian Colao, Director of the Dykema DSO Industry Group, responsible for $6b of dental industry deals in 2021.

To further support the findings of the new report, DMscore digital agency partner ElementIQ was able to share their LA Dental Clinic optimization results, where they improved their DMscore from 19 to 44. As a result, the clinic’s revenue increased by a massive 86%. The DMscore Enterprise application is available today as a standalone application for all DSOs, and can be seen at Dykema Definitive Conference for DSOs in Denver July 13-15,booth #51.

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