PDF.co Announces the Request Tester Tool to Test all PDF.co Web API functions

PDF.co (by ByteScout) has recently launched a great Request Tester tool to test all PDF.co Web API functions in a Postman-like interface. It can be done right in your browser and it is very easy to use.

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This tool is broadly used at the PDF.co API platform for different PDF functions testing. The specific endpoints work like engines to extract, edit, export & convert PDF, fill forms, parse documents, get PDF info, optimize PDF, work with barcodes & spreadsheets. There’s a vast array of functions provided by the powerful PDF.co API platform and its integrations.

In PDF.co Request Tester various endpoints/functions can be tested easily. For example, the Document Parser endpoints help you parse any data from documents using a data extraction template. PDF data from custom areas can be extracted.

The pdf/edit/add endpoints can do various functions such as adding text and images to PDF documents, filling PDF forms, adding extra fields to PDF forms, and more.

Different PDF conversion endpoints can be tested within the PDF.co Request Tester. The available conversions include PDF to Text, CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, HTML, images as well as PDF from HTML or webpage, images, documents, Excel, email, etc.

The PDF.co API platform provides a set of PDF tools such as Document Parser, various PDF extractors, and PDF converters. These engines can extract PDF, edit PDF, split and merge, fill and sign, encrypt/decrypt, compress, translate PDF documents, search PDF files, and include many more exciting features!

The new handy Request Tester tool can change the experience of programmers using the PDF.co API platform for automated data extraction and PDF manipulation as well as its integrations for business automation.

The most popular integrations include Zapier, Integromat, Salesforce Apex, Google Apps Script, UiPath, Blue Prism. There are 300+ PDF.co integrations in total.

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We’re are happy to announce that this new tool can be fully used for the cloud version (PDF.co) and on-premise API Server. The latter is a self-hosted version available as a separate product called “ByteScout API Server” that can be easily deployed into a server in a private cloud or in an offline environment with minimal requirements for server hardware.

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