:betr Announces Positive Media Platform to Unlock Development and Wellness for GenZ

Building a positive community for young people, driven by them 

:betr, an emerging media content platform with a mission to unlock the development and wellness of GenZ, launches this September. :betr is today’s first media company prepared to harness and create a positive content community. The platform will serve as connective tissue between young people and the content that helps their lives. Nearly 90% of teens in the US have said that anxiety and depression is the number one problem among people their age in their community with bullying and drug addiction not far behind.

:betr is in one of the most unique media spaces today, in that it will focus on 100% uplifting stories. The platform is working with top experts in the fields of health, wellness and development to shape its mission and content. It will live as a mobile app and desktop platform, and as a connected and relevant experience within social environments like Instagram and influencers. The content will be presented in a manner that drives meaning but uses pillars like humor, sports, and everyday life to drive the storytelling. Content verticals “teach me”, “listen to me”, and “inspire me” are a few channels that will connect to the audience.

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“Focusing on development and wellness for GenZ is long overdue. Positive media is nearly non-existent and is mostly limited to personal blogs and occasional Instagram memes. Too many issues of our young people are going unaddressed, and we believe it’s time to do something about it.” says Tom Arrix, Founder and CEO of :betr and former Facebook executive.

Young people today are very social, and to address this :betr will build content relationships where young people are today: Instagram, Snap, other social platforms, :betr’s mobile app and desktop. :betr is creating environments that young people want. Storytelling will be designed by the target audience, to assure relevance and authenticity. Delivered in formats like video, shorts, and original series, all produced and curated by the positive media company.  “We have a chance to develop our relationship with GenZ in a very unique, meaningful and fun way. Young people don’t seem to have enough ‘fun with meaning’, in their busy lives, we’re going to change that,” says Jon Willey, COO of :betr.

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The feeds, including featured articles, throughout :betr will be tailored to each GenZ user and will be available to them when they need it on the platform, while also empowering young creatives in this generation to build unique and relevant content to be showcased on the platform. Development and wellness feed topics will range from High School and College Readiness to Sports Psychology, Mental Health, Financial Literacy, Social Media Awareness, Training and Recruiting. All of the content will relate to prevalent topics today, while staying ahead of the curve on life’s real issues. The platform highly encourages contributions and submissions from readers to be featured as well.

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“At our core, we will create, fuel and drive ways hope, confidence and optimism become integral aspects of young people’s conversations and ultimately, their everyday lives.” says Arrix.

“We won’t talk at them, rather we will talk with them and beside them, and more importantly let them do the talking on their own terms. Starting with our core team, composed heavily of GenZ content creators and influencers, we will work directly with our audience to make sure we are building something useful and relevant to them,” says Jon Willey, COO of :betr.

Launching this September on mobile and desktop, :betr will thrive in social as well amongst influencers across the social platforms.. Not only will :betr’s content be created to be there for the GenZer’s that need it, but will be transparent and private, something of the utmost importance to the platform and its audience.

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