Rockset Expands Regions, Delivering Highly Available Real-Time Analytics On A Global Scale

Rockset, the real-time analytics company, today announced it is expanding regional presence by offering customers a new deployment option in AWS U.S. East. As Rockset welcomes more enterprise customers with deployments in multiple regions, there is growing demand for coverage around the world. Existing customers already deployed in the U.S. West can seamlessly add additional Virtual Instances in the U.S. East, and soon in APAC and EMEA, to achieve cross-region high availability for their Rockset powered applications.

Built by the creators of RocksDB, Rockset automatically builds a Converged Index™ on any data — including structured, semi-structured, geographical, and time series data — for real-time analytics at scale. When combined with serverless operations in the cloud, it is a game-changing approach to making real-time analytics fast, flexible, and easy. This is revolutionary across a broad range of digital platforms and apps, including e-commerce, logistics and delivery tracking, gaming leaderboards, fraud detection systems, health and fitness trackers, and social media newsfeeds.

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Today’s announcement is Rockset’s answer to a surge in customer demand globally, combined with the importance of maintaining high availability across multiple regions for mission-critical applications. In addition to availability in AWS U.S. East, Rockset also announced early access in EMEA and APAC regions.

Benefits to Rockset customers include:

  • Compliance with data residency regulations and requirements in different regions
  • Lower latency by deploying in a region closer to where the services are deployed
  • High availability and load balancing for mission-critical applications deployed in multiple regions

“When it comes to embedding real-time analytics in applications, there is no tolerance for lag time and outages. Companies powering modern data applications have to be prepared for anything, whether this means complying to data residency regulations or running across multiple regions in case one cloud region experiences downtime,” said Venkat Venkataramani, co-founder and CEO of Rockset. “To meet the increasingly global demand for Rockset, we are expanding our offerings to new AWS regions around the world so companies everywhere can benefit from a low-latency, highly available real-time analytics service.”

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