Scripps Networks Uses Attention Data from TVision to Differentiate from Competitors this Upfront Season

TVision, the company measuring every second of TV and CTV viewer engagement, and Scripps Networks, a division of The E.W. Scripps Company, announced that Scripps Networks is differentiating its high-engagement national networks during the Upfront with attention data from TVision’s Linear TV Insights platform.

The Scripps Networks include ION, Bounce, Laff, Grit, True Real and Defy TV.

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In the 2022-23 Upfront season, Scripps expects advertisers will continue to prioritize investments in inventory that delivers higher viewer engagement. While TV inventory has long been bought and sold on ratings alone, marketers now want to understand whether viewers are actually paying attention to their ads. TVision’s attention metrics have emerged as the quality score for understanding the true value of an ad.

“We already know that our viewers are watching our programs live almost 100% of the time and that our commercial retention is just as high, but those numbers only tell part of the story. Upfront buyers want to know who is paying attention to the ads on our network and how that compares to our competitors,” said Michael Teicher, Chief Revenue Officer at Scripps Networks. “TVision’s eyes-on-screen attention data shows that our networks consistently outperform the industry averages. The data allows us to confidently sell Scripps Networks inventory to brands that want to reach highly-engaged audiences who are then more likely to purchase our ad partners’ products and services.”

In Upfront selling, Scripps uses TVision’s Attention to Duration Index (ATDI) to explain how well its national networks keep viewers in the room and engaged with ad content. ATDI measures how effectively a program or ad keeps viewers’ eyes on the screen for the duration of the content. For example:

  • The Scripps national entertainment networks, including ION, Bounce, Laff, Grit, ION Mystery, Defy TV, and TrueReal, deliver a strong average ATDI of 150.7, significantly outperforming the average of Scripps’ cable entertainment network competitors. As a reference point, the Linear TV ATDI is 100.
  • ION, ION Mystery, Laff, Grit, True Real and Defy TV all deliver ATDI within the top 20 of all  cable entertainment networks
  • The ATDI for Bounce is 7.7% higher among African American audiences than the ATDI of its competitors.

“Scripps Networks is rightfully proud of its ability to deliver attentive audiences to its advertisers – we all know that ads work best when people pay attention,” said Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “By incorporating attention insights from our platform into their Upfront positioning, Scripps is able to differentiate its inventory in a competitive market and prove out their premium value.”

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