UpCity Survey Results: 53% Of SMBs Stand By A Social Mission In 2022

In response to consumer trends, more businesses embraced the importance of corporate social responsibility and having a social mission in 2022

UpCity has announced the publication of an extensive survey asking small business owners, marketing, and public relations experts about the benefits of approaching social awareness.

The survey post, Ways Small Businesses Approach Social Awareness in 2022, gathers insight from more than 600 small business professionals in marketing, public relations, and human resources in the United States and Canada about social missions, charity involvement, social responsibility, and even sustainable business practices.

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Statistical highlights include:

  • 53% of U.S. and Canadian small businesses currently stand by a social mission in 2022.
  • 61% of respondents said that social missions are highly important to them and their businesses.
  • Out of the 19% of small businesses that don’t plan to have a social mission, 43% of them note that it’s because it’s not relevant to their business/industry.
  • 39% of small business owners stated that they donate to the social mission of their choice regularly. 33% of those respondents personally donate $500-$1,200 each year.
  • 38% of small business owners and their teams volunteer at charity events multiple times per year.

Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing at UpCity, says she is not surprised to see more businesses weighing in with their take on social awareness policies, practices, and benefits in 2022.

“After more than two years of a pandemic, social unrest, a Great Resignation, and now economic inflation, people are realizing that where they work or where their money goes makes a difference,” Sullivan says. “Many realized over the last two years, that ‘life is too short,’ and it’s only natural to get more protective of our money and how it’s put to use.

“People want to feel good about where they spend their money or time and know that it makes a difference or contribution to society. When companies are vocal about their social stances, it can encourage their target audience or talent prospects to look into their business model further. Not to mention, this can help put any concerns of making that purchase or accepting that job offer at ease.”

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