MarTech Interview with Jamie Hill, CEO at adMarketplace

Jamie Hill, CEO at adMarketplace chats about the various ways in which customer privacy trends are changing the scope for digital advertisers:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Jamie, tell us more about adMarketplace and your journey as CEO?

I founded adMarketplace back in 2000, after working as a Sales and Marketing Executive at both Telerep and CBS Broadcasting. The media industry was very different back then and our company has evolved significantly in the past 22 years. In fact, adMarketplace is a different company than it was even two years ago. We’ve adapted and responded to the needs of the market and have focused on redefining how people use, buy, and sell search media. Today we are the go-to marketplace for the moment of intent, and have created “forever partnerships” with the largest advertisers and distribution partners in the world. When they grow, we grow with them. Working alongside Fortune 500 brands, we thrive on staying competitive and always challenge ourselves to be better than yesterday.

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We’d love to hear about some of adMarketplace’s upcoming innovations (what can users look forward to) and with your recent new leadership hires, what else is in store that you’d like to talk about?

This industry has been dominated by a few players. Consequently, brands are locked into advertising solutions that are getting more expensive and less effective over time. We’ve invested across all aspects of our organization to build media products and services that improve the consumer search experience and drive value at scale over time for both advertisers and publishers. 

adMarketplace is seeing exceptional growth as a result of investing in our people. We’re attracting top-level talent who are motivated and driven by how our team is disrupting the search space with people-first media products. Our success proves that user experience, advertising, and monetization can all live in harmony with the right balance of expertise, innovation, and technology. 

In today’s digital ad marketplace, what are some of the biggest challenges facing advertisers? What best practices would you share?

Top advertisers and publishers want to innovate – and that is not always possible in an industry dominated by a few gatekeepers. As consumer journeys continue to shift away from the physical storefront, advertisers need to be present at the moment of intent – when a consumer is ready to make a decision. 

As strategic partners, we roll up our sleeves at the table, help them examine their media portfolio, and build new solutions together. Their success is deeply personal for us – and we’re in it with them. We saw triple digit revenue growth as a direct result of doubling our mutually-beneficial strategic partnerships last year and are on track to double again in 2022, which means big growth for our partners.

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As programmatic trends and advertising shift to become more targeted and personal, what should advertisers be doing more of to bring relevance to every ad campaign?

Consumer privacy will continue to shape the industry. With an industry average click-through rate that sits below .5%, you have to wonder if the promises of relevancy and efficiency are theoretical or actual. Understanding a consumer’s needs when they express them is the best means to drive results and that really comes down to one signal: intent.

When we prioritize moment-of-intent, advertisers have the opportunity to provide relevant offers and meet consumers on their terms. It’s a win-win-win outcome. The relationships we build with our partners aren’t transactional. We’re invested in their growth and they trust us as their industry experts to drive innovation. 

A few thoughts on, “What it takes to succeed faster in digital advertising?”

We’ve been doing this for 22 years and we’ve seen hundreds of competitors scale fast and fail fast. There is a time for speed and action in this business, and there is a time to take it slow and build the foundation that supports future scale. We know jumping on a zoom call with a partner is a lot faster than an airplane, but we also know which one is more effective in building a “forever partnership”.

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adMarketplace Posts Triple Digit Annual Growth, Adds Senior Leadership to Support Continued Success | Business WireadMarketplace creates ideal search experiences by building, distributing, and monetizing proprietary search media solutions. Their “people-led” Instant Find, Instant Suggest and Instant Results solutions create value by connecting consumers directly with top advertisers just before, during and right after the search. Headquartered in New York with offices in Miami, London and Detroit. 

adMarketplace was founded by Jamie in March of 2000. Jamie’s primary duties as Chairman and CEO include setting the overall strategy, direction, and vision for adMarketplace. Prior to adMarketplace, he was an executive at CBS Broadcasting. Before joining CBS, Jamie worked at Telerep and was responsible for developing marketing strategies for Fortune 500 advertisers. Jamie is a proud University of Southern California Trojan.

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