Total Economic Impact Study Reveals 484% Three-Year ROI for Organizations Using Frontline Communication Solutions

The use of the Nudge app generated higher sales, increased retention, and improved communication among managers and deskless employees.

Nudge, the digital communications platform for organizations with deskless and frontline employees, announced the findings of its recently-commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Forrester’s study reveals that organizations using Nudge’s digital platform realize an average return on investment (ROI) of 484% over a three-year period, with the technology paying for itself in less than six months.

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The study also showed that when frontline and deskless workers used Nudge, they had a 10% higher retention rate, and this led to a savings of $1,200 per avoided hire or more than $307,000 annually. Furthermore, store managers communicated 60% more efficiently — critical to success in businesses that rely on frontline workers. Nudge helped these managers to reduce the length and frequency of pre-shift meetings as well as time spent monitoring employees, which translated to nearly $1.7 million in communication efficiency savings.

“With Nudge, our mission is to support frontline workers and help their organizations achieve critical business outcomes, such as increased sales, higher levels of operational readiness, and lower employee turnover,” says Nudge COO Jordan Ekers. “Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact study puts a spotlight on our impact, and we are thrilled to continue to enable the success of organizations with deskless and frontline workers.”

In the study, Forrester interviewed four Nudge customers and aggregated their experiences into a composite organization. The most impactful outcome of investing in Nudge was a boost in revenue — $1.8 million in a three-year period for the composite organization. “We’ve seen significant improvement in sales — upwards of 10%, 20%, 30% lift — when we communicate the benefits, test the knowledge base of the product, and then allow associates to have conversations through Nudge,” said the Director of Sales and CX of an office supply retailer, one of the four participating organizations in the study.

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