transcosmos inc. is proud to announce that Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; CEO: Eijiro Yamashita; transcosmos China), its wholly-owned subsidiary has become a Microsoft Power BI Partner. As a Microsoft Power BI Partner, transcosmos China will offer customized digital solutions to each individual client, thereby helping clients make data-driven business decisions.

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Given the rapid growth of the e-commerce market, many businesses have shifted to online from offline. Yet, those who have entered the online space are now facing the critical challenge in unifying siloed data onto one platform so that they can leverage the data for making business decisions. transcosmos China has been offering both online sales and website operation services for various brands as their online sales partner. With expanding their business continuously online,transcosmos China’s partner brands need to solve many problems urgently, one of which is how to manage the various data with overwhelming amount that colletcted from the online businesses efficiently.

To Leverage its extensive e-commerce and data analytics experience, transcosmos China has designed a custom solution to suit clients’ needs. The three-phased solution is designed to integrate and visualize brand data. In the first phase, transcosmos China automatically collects client data including CRM, marketing and logistics by using a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) program. In the second phase, the collected data are stored and managed in a scalable cloud database. And in the third phase, transcosmos China builds various dashboards then visualizes the data with Power BI. With the efficient data visualization, clients can not only always monitor their store sales data and track progress against KPIs, but also quickly identify underperforming channels and bottlenecks.

The product report dashboard that shows sales data combined with promotion efficacy
Leveraging the automated program for collecting data and Power BI dashboards, transcosmos China helps clients drastically save time generating online sales reports and utilize data at the right time. Going forward, transcosmos China plans to widen the scope of using Power BI for its partner brands and apply success cases to many more brands.

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