Unacast Announces New Technology Breakthrough, Bringing Massive Scale to Contextual Location Data Products

Translating Raw Pings Into Meaningful Stream of Events Provides Insight into 100 Million More Daily Visit Events

Unacast, the leading transparent and contextualized location data platform, announced new products and features that offer marketers, researchers, and other location-focused businesses access to increased scale and unprecedented transparency into device behavior while maintaining high quality, thanks to major advancements to its location data algorithm.

The new product, Uncontextualized Visits, translates raw pings into a meaningful stream of events representing where a device rested during the day, unlocking insight into 75 to 100 million visit events and 17 to 20 million daily active users. Meanwhile, new features, including Maximum Dwell Time, update Unacast’s core Visits product and further increase the available scale.

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“In an industry that requires both scale and quality, we’re constantly working toward technical innovations that meet – and exceed – both needs,” said Thomas Walle, CEO and co-founder of Unacast. “For location data and insights to offer true value, they need to provide transparent, uniform measurement, ensuring that businesses can use and trust the data. Whether it’s the advertising industry, city planning, or academic researchers, a clean, clear location signal will help shape future understanding of how people move around the real world. Our latest products allow us to dig even deeper into that understanding.”

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Maximum Dwell Time is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with the cadence of location data collection from cell phones by providing a consistent view into device activity. A device’s Maximum Dwell Time is the maximum duration that device could have been in one location based on the activity immediately preceding and following a location visit. Unacast’s platform continuously monitors this data feed for signals that indicate a device couldn’t have spent enough time to actually visit a location (such as a device driving by the point of measurement), and will filter those results out of the feed. Altogether, Maximum Dwell Time will provide Unacast clients with access to nearly 55 million more visit events per day, with additional features made possible by Maximum Dwell Time delivering another 40 million visits.

In addition, the company has expanded its data coverage to the European Union, offering data from the UK, Germany and France, with more countries on the way, bringing the total current global monthly active users (MAUs) to 291 million. Founded in Norway and headquartered in New York City, Unacast enters the European market with full GDPR compliance, offering European customers the same trust and transparency that the company has built its reputation on in the U.S. market.

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