Why AI Powered Analytics and Multilingual Avatars Are Needed to Protect from Post-Pandemic Risks

We all face new big challenges after the pandemic and new tech powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence will help safeguard us say two trusted experts

As businesses continue to face the worst challenge in a century and hurry to protect themselves from risks suddenly created by a new variant of COVID-19, two trusted experts offer an exclusive insight into how organisations can stay safe from another virus: economic crime.

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Sir David Green CB QC is the incoming chair of the Fraud Advisory Panel charity, taking the helm from David Clarke who steps down as a volunteer trustee after 12½ years. Their know-how about protecting people spans 80 years between them. Talking together in an interview for the first time, they compare notes on the past and present and introduce what they see as the big challenges for the post pandemic, big data world and the best way to stay safe.

Speaking of the impact fraud has on society, Sir David describes the financial losses as being ‘vast’ and increasingly sophisticated. Exploiting the trust the older generation has in officialdom is one of the latest trends. He described a family member who was very nearly victim to a phone fraud adding, “Their reaction has been to feel foolish – as if it was their fault for being gullible – which of course, it’s not”. Thus, helping the public understand the latest fraud risks and the best and worst practices to stay safe is more important than ever. Sharing best practice is a crucial part of the Panel’s role, in addition to trying to influence anti-fraud policy and law reform.

Increasing trust is the other hot take-away that immediately leaps from their advice. “Creating a culture where it is safe to trade and where people and systems are verified is vital because it promotes trust” David Clarke told me. “Trust creates the life-long business relationships that are proven to get results, reduce risk and help make a company recession-proof” he added. He wants to help create a society where honesty is encouraged and rewarded and says, “It’s somehow become okay to cheat and steal and lie. We must reverse this trend”.

Looking to the future, they tell of the need to know what the true threat is, where it’s coming from and who is behind it. Sir David says more resources should now be put into protecting the UK and recovering stolen money and to focus investment on developing intelligence and data-analytical capabilities to help law enforcement investigate and get money back.

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