iKO Media Group Expands Kazakh TV Distribution

iKO Media Group, a global end-to-end service provider for broadcasters and content owners, has been collaborating with Kazakh TV, Kazakhstan’s first national satellite television channel, for over 3 years. In the most recent upgrade with the channel, iKOMG will be offering Kazakh TV distribution service in HD over the MEASAT-3a satellite.

“Kazakh TV is an important strategic customer for iKO and we have pulled all our commercial and technical resources together in order to come up with a tailored and highly effective solution to meet their specific needs. Our ability to continuously offer them new and advanced services directly contributes to the stability and strength of this partnership, which we see growing in the months and years to come.” said Rami Goldberg, VP Sales EMEA.

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With HD distribution from iKO, Kazakh TV will be able to offer its channel, including live streaming, in HD quality to all its viewers around the globe. This upgrade to HD for Kazakh TV is part of iKO Media Groups’ overall strategy to offer top of the line, advanced services to its client base.

“We are very pleased to announce the growth of our collaboration with iKOMG. We have now completed the migration of the Kazakh TV channel to HD format across all distribution platforms offering our audience the best content from Central Asia, in high quality. The completed migration of Kazakh TV to HD all over the world was the result of long and hard work and unprecedented loyalty of iKOMG and even more so more valuable since it was achieved in one of the most difficult periods of time we have seen in decades.” said Robert Muradyan, Deputy Director Strategy

“We are happy to see our collaboration with iKOMG expand consistently and are delighted to welcome Kazakh TV to join the MEASAT HD Platform. The addition of Kazakh TV to the 91.5°E video neighbourhood is a reflection of the growing popularity of HD channels distributed from our hotslot which also boasts in-orbit redundancy” said Ganendra Selvaraj, AVP Sales.

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