The Movie Studio Engages Digital Talent Studio and Sikey Corp. for Strategic Social Media Promotion in Anticipation of the Launch of The Movie Studio App

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The Movie Studio, Inc. announces it has engaged Digital Talent Studio, Inc. and social media mogul Brian Breach, of Sikey Corp., for social media branding, engagement of influencers, and advertising on key social media platforms preparatory to the upcoming launch of The Movie Studio App. In addition to social media ad placement strategies targeting relevant demographics to promote the Company’s app, high-profile social media influencers will be engaged to participate in distributing the ads in a pay or revenue-sharing agreement and will also have opportunities for potential casting in the Company’s in-production “Moviesodes.”

A beta version of The Movie Studio App is currently available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it will be replaced with the full version of the app when the app’s official launch takes place.

The Movie Studio is planning to employ a split screen graphic interface for the “Watch Our Movies” portion of the app, allowing users to watch for free on an advertiser video on demand (AVOD) basis; users can also watch ad-free through the subscription-based video on demand (SVOD) option for only $2.99 a month. Through the SVOD option, app users can additionally participate in the “Be in Our Movies!” portion of the app.

The Company’s key two verticals are an open architecture for the addition of substantial motion picture content to its film library, and the Movie Studio also seeks to pull additional motion picture content onto its over-the-top (OTT) platform utilizing revenue share agreements with motion picture producers, distributors, and content providers.

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The app’s second graphic interface, “Be In Our Movies!” will allow subscribers to audition for one of the Company’s in-development movies. Users can access lines from the screenplay, film themselves speaking the dialog, and then upload their auditions for consideration by The Movie Studio’s producers. Subscribers can upload one video clip per month and can change their applications between the different available movie opportunities.

The Movie Studio App will utilize the Company’s developing OTT platform as the foundation of the AVOD and SVOD services. Upon completion of the app, an initial marketing campaign has been designed for Instagram and Facebook targeting millennials and other demographics. The Company has completed the production of the initial advertisement clip for distribution on social media, and the advertisements will include a link to download the app.

The Movie Studio’s unique SVOD business model is designed as a recurring revenue model that goes outside traditional feature film distribution arteries and disrupts traditional motion picture participation ideologies that legacy pathways are the only way to be in motion pictures.

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“We are excited about engaging Digital Talent Studio Inc. and Sikey Corp. and believe they intrinsically understand the proposed app and our OTT platform architecture. Upon completion of the app and subsequent marketing aligned with our brand, we are confident they can help us create a significant user subscription base. Their services align perfectly with our disruptive production and distribution ideology, and these working relationships could also translate into substantial interest and conversion ratios for the AVOD/SVOD component of the Company’s business model,” said Gordon Scott Venters, President, and CEO of The Movie Studio.

“Taking on The Movie Studio’s social media so they can reach their full potential and expand their online presence and the launch of their app could disrupt the entire independent movie industry, and I look forward to helping make that happen,” said Brian Breach, president of Sikey Corp.

“The new Digital Talent Studio proudly announces its strategic partnership with The Movie Studio. This partnership could take our models and social media influencers to the next level, launching their movie careers so they can be in films. Similarly, we may provide the ultimate grassroots marketing campaign for The Movie Studio’s content delivery app and each of their films. Our influencers could announce their roles directly to their hundreds of thousands of followers, creating an instant demand for each movie and the SVOD component of the platform. Reciprocally, each movie can become an opportunity for our influencers to grow their follower bases and a chance to become viral stars,” said Kevin Doyle, president of Digital Talent Studio.

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