, TikTok, Triller and MoviePass Innovators Unite to Create Digital Media Disruption

Vinco Ventures, Inc. Executes Agreement to Complete a Plan of Merger with ZASH

Vinco Ventures, Inc. and ZASH Global Media and Entertainment Corporation (“ZASH”), a U.S. based entertainment, content and distribution company, announced the signing of an Agreement to Complete a Plan of Merger subject to certain conditions, creating exciting acceleration and growth in live-streaming content, video-sharing, distribution and production within its own ecosystem.

ZASH, led by media disruptor and financier Ted Farnsworth, TikTok and Triller innovator, User Generated Content (UGC) expert Jaeson Ma, and social monetization expert Vincent Butta, brings together three of the most successful and disruptive leaders in the entertainment industry today. At the forefront of today’s digital wave, the Company aims to invest, acquire and merge the best-in-class media, entertainment and content-focused technology companies globally – from East to West – aiming to build a “Virtual Hollywood”, the future of media. ZASH provides its content partners and producers with state-of-the art analytics and distribution technology to ensure that consumer eyes are on their content at the right time in the right place.

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“The Company’s proprietary Influencer Platform has led to over 2 billion video views. With a current follower network of over 350+ million, we are poised to revolutionize the next generation of video distribution,” said Brian McFadden, Chief Strategy Officer.

“ZASH was formed to not only drastically reimagine today’s global entertainment marketplace, but also to combine first-class talent, resources and technology, allowing acceleration and growth in this dramatically changing environment,” said Co-Founder Ted Farnsworth, former Chairman of MoviePass and Chairman and Founder of MoviePass Films.

ZASH Co-founder, innovator and expert in monetization strategies for video platforms, mobile technologies and apps, Vince Butta, said “The landscape for distribution, content consumption and user integration of video content is ready to be reimagined on a global scale. We utilize data, meta data and the ioT [Internet of Things] to meet the ever-changing engagement and content demands of content developers, consumers and creators. We provide the consumer with very high-quality products and superior delivery. The unique monetization model for our global ecosystem of platforms really differentiates ZASH and it’s why I am so enthusiastic to be part of its leadership team.”

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“The media and entertainment landscape is rapidly evolving,” said ZASH Co-Founder Jaeson Ma, venture capitalist and private equity investor who was an early investor in platforms including (Tik Tok) and Triller video-sharing social platforms. Mr. Ma continued, “Premium content is in higher demand than ever before. Social interactive video and audio platforms are taking over the mindshare of Gen Z and Y. Live events are being transformed into virtual and augmented realities. Building direct to consumer brands through the influencer economy is the new consumption pattern of a generation born into a digital, e-commerce driven marketplace. In other words, we now live in a digital world and there has yet to be a media and entertainment force to capture this disruption on all levels.”

Brian McFadden, Vinco’s Chief Strategy Officer, commented, “The merger with ZASH and the resulting combined entity provides current and prospective business partners with the assurance of our ability to scale our production and creative services to meet their growing content creation and distribution needs. The synergies between the two entities will bring immediate scale to the existing business along with clearly identified and obtainable growth initiatives. We are excited to merge with ZASH in our ever-evolving pursuit to ‘Be BIG’.”

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